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October 4, 2019

Yes I’m still here, the blog is ticking along and I am thankful that my favourite post still receives the most comments…

The Power of DMT and my experience of the afterlife

It’s interesting to see how others see my words, and then for me to then try to explain it in a way that is more easily understood. It is the comments in that post that are the most interesting and I want to thank every single one of you for your comments and keeping the post going!

40k views on a single post

March 9, 2018

It’s amazing how, after all this time, I am still getting comments on ‘The power of DMT and my experience of the afterlife‘ post.

March 2018 is the four year anniversary of that post. It has had 40,000 views and 108 comments since the time I clicked on publish. Some may be surprised to learn that I haven’t taken DMT since the experience I wrote about in that post. Everything I needed came from that final experience . I’ve never had the need or desire to try it again. It did take a handful a tries to break-through before I finally made it so in total I took it around 5-6 times.

I just want to thank you all. To those who have had the experience I am smiling with you. To those who have yet to try it… life will find a way if you truly ‘need’ it.

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2018

I hope 2018 will be a good one for you all. I have just approved a batch of new comments and I’ve replied to a few as well 🙂

I hope 2017 has been good to you!

September 14, 2017

Yes I am still around. I had major surgery this year so I have been in recovery. I hadn’t checked the comments for the last couple of months, mainly because of the recovery, so I apologise for the delay in approving those that were sent in.

I have received some truly thought provoking comments and emails this year. I have enjoyed many of the communications I’ve had with you!

A lot of people are asking for updates but there isn’t much I can share. For those who are interested…

  • Tibet is the key
  • The most important mountains on this planet are named after Gods (or have ancient texts and tales of Gods residing within them)
  • Don’t think of it as aliens like the author suggested. The answer is MUCH simpler!

Recent flood of emails

September 1, 2016

Every so often I get a spike of emails asking me questions. A website must have linked to the site recently because I’ve had several emails over the last few days.

It is very difficult to give quick replies. Most of my replies are several pages long because the context of the answer has to also be given. These take me a long time to write so I apologise for the time it takes me to respond.

I am much more recluse than I once was, especially with my views which I share to no family or friend. I have tried in the past but I fail every time because there are no words for much of what I have observed and learned. The parts that I have words for need so much context to explain it I really struggle.

The Bucegi pages are a small part in my journey. The only reason it exists is to try to find someone else who has been on a similar path with regards to ancient tunnels, Gods in mountains, our ancient ancestors and where we come from. To date I’ve found no-one but I’m still looking.

I only answer a dozen or so emails a year because my replies can take so long to write. If I don’t answer you please forgive me. My journey is coming to an end and I rarely discuss any of this any more.

New book about Kailash

May 6, 2016

I have been in correspondence with an author who was writing a book about the history behind Mount Kailash. The author is called Davinder Bhasin and the book, “An audience with God at Mount Kailash” is now available. I would like to thank Davinder personally for his patience during my ill health and for sending me a signed copy of the book. I hope that one day we shall meet in person!

I am still receiving lots of emails regarding this website and the posts on my blog. I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to email me. I try to reply in a timely fashion but the replies require a lot of thought and re-wording. I can spend up to 3 hours writing a single reply so it takes a lot of my time. My replies are not wordy, it’s just trying to put across what I’m trying to say in a way someone can understand.

I’m reluctant to add my further research to the website as other websites are taking the pages in their entirety and adding them to their own websites. The website is there for people who have connections to find me. It was never meant to be a means for other websites to boost their rankings.

The document I am working on is coming along nicely. If anyone wishes to discuss updates to the research or the posts on this blog please feel free to contact me.


2016 update to my research

January 26, 2016

I have had many, many emails from various incredible people. My replies take so much time to write because the questions are so good. I have many fragments of information that, for me, form a clearer picture. The problem for me is trying to tie the fragments together in a way that it doesn’t require writing a novel as the reply.

I am going to compile another document outlining the fragments in a more cohesive manner.

I have a lot more that could be said. The dilemma for me is if it should be said. There are people in Tibet who are the real gatekeepers of the truth regarding who we are and where we come from. These people are in real danger should their role in this be discovered.

in the book, what happens to them when they try to enter the tunnel in Romania has happened before to the Chinese army in Tibet. An exact duplication of effects when they tried to get in.

These people who guard the tunnels may never in their lifetime see what it is they are guarding and yet they spend their life learning how to enter the tunnel should the need ever arise.

There are very few people who know what I’m talking about. The thing is, this is mentioned across history. Just look at the amount of mountains (including the Bucegi Mountains and Mount Kailash) in which ancient history says that a God is meant to reside inside the mountain.

It is ALL connected. Forget what they said they found inside and the events they said they witnessed. It is bigger than this and is mentioned all through history.


Giant Ancient Egyptian underground Labyrinth may exist and could rewrite history

November 7, 2015

I found this information today. I haven’t yet had time to look into it in any great detail but it is worthy of sharing in case others have information relating to it…

The Incredible Ancient Egyptian underground Labyrinth has been found and confirmed,  has been suppressed by mainstream history.

It can be easily considered as one of the greatest discoveries of Ancient Egypt, yet only a few know about the existence of the incredible underground Labyrinth of Egypt, believed to hold countless answers to history itself.

We have all known how special the Pyramid of the Giza Plateau are, and we have all been extremely fascinated behind the enigmatic origin of these Pyramids but there are places in Egypt that are equally magical and yet less known to society.

Recreation of Ancient Egyptian Labyrinth

A recreation of the giant underground labyrinth

There are many discoveries beneath the surface of our planet which could potentially change the way we look at history itself. One of them is a forgotten world of underground chambers and tunnels that have remained unexplored for centuries. Mentioned in ancient texts and local legends, these mysterious chambers have been considered as a myth up until they were actually discovered.

The ‘Lost Labyrinth of Egypt’ is without a doubt one of those incredible ancient sites that are a lost jewel in today’s history.

This mysterious underground complex of caverns and chambers is believed to hold the secrets to mankind’s origin, it is also believed to hold sacred ancient text from the lost civilization of Atlantis. It was described by authors such as Strabo and even Herodotus who had the opportunity to visit and record the legendary labyrinth before it disappeared into history.

According to writing by Herodotus I the IV century BC: the labyrinth was “situated a little above the lake of Moiris and nearly opposite to that which is called the City of Crocodiles” (‘Histories’, Book, II, 148).

The labyrinth (as it has been called by some in the distant past) is said to be an extraordinary underground complex which could hold the key to mankind’s history. It is said that there, we could find details about unknown civilizations in history, great empires and rulers that lived on the planet before history as we know it began.

According to these authors, the underground temple consists of over 3000 rooms which are filled with incredible hieroglyphs and paintings, the enigmatic underground complex is located less than 100 kilometers from Cairo at Hawara. There, in 2008 a group of researchers from Belgium and Egypt arrived to investigate the enigmatic underground complex, with the aid of ground penetrating technology which was used to study the sand in hopes of finding and solving the mystery behind the enigmatic underground complex. The Belgian-Egyptian expedition was able to confirm the presence of the underground temple not far from the Pyramid of Amenemhat III.

Without a doubt, the expedition led by Petrie stumbled upon one of the most incredible discoveries in the history of Egypt, and they did not even need to excavate in order to confirm the finding.

This incredible discovery has been tucked away from society and no one has been able to understand why. The results of the expedition ere published in 2008, shortly after the discovery in the scientific journal of the NRIAG and the results of the research were exchanged in a public lecture at the University of Ghent, which Media from Belgium attended. But the finding was quickly suppressed since the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (Egypt) put a hold to all further communications about the discovery due to Egyptian National Security sanctions.

Source and full story here.


An update for all the recent emails

September 14, 2015

It appears that two different websites have linked to my website and it has created an influx of emails. For this reason I have come out of hibernation to answer a few of the questions posed…

First off I did not go into the tunnels myself. It was reading this book that led me on a path that, at the time, almost no-one had travelled. I found the book so enthralling that I started off trying to debunk it but it lead me on a much larger path.

If you really want to discover your own answers I strongly suggest you ignore what they said they found inside the tunnel and instead concentrate on the tunnels themselves. They are the key to unlocking many answers… as are the LOCATIONS they led too.

Both Hindu’s and Tibetan Monks worship the same Mountain in Tibet. Both believe their God still resides “inside” the mountain. The underwater city, found just off of Dwarka back in the 1980’s was a big deal… but with very little press or fanfare, then or since. If this was Krishna’s legendary Dwarka it could shape what was once thought of as myth.

There are tunnels all over the World. Built by different cultures, in different locations and spanning tens of thousands of years. The same goes for pyramids. Just google how many pyramids have been discovered so far. If you don’t know the number you will find it staggering!

What I have discovered is right for me but may not be right for you. People come here thinking of religious Gods, aliens and so on but what if the answer is so much simpler than that? This path has be to taken by each person individually. All I ask is you keep an open mind and try not to squeeze and force answers into your own beliefs.

Our history is a lie, albeit a persistent one…

RIP Settle4IT

June 5, 2015

I will miss our chats and the forum will forever be a little less interesting for me, knowing that your posts won’t find mine and visa versa.

I hope, through the writing of these words,  my thoughts and energy find yours x

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