A DMT comment discussion

Carl Braun raised some  interesting points in a comment which I’d like to address here…

Carl Said:
“What’s the difference between man and animal. For example, why would a crocodile be denied fulfilment as a human being? Same goes for a snail, ant or bee, etc.”

If you took this from the point of view that everything is separate from each other it wouldn’t seem that fair to the snail, ant or bee. There is another way to look at it so let me try…

If I were making a chocolate cake today I would have eggs, flour, sugar, baking powder, chocolate, oil and so on. Each as a separate ingredient doesn’t really do much but combined they make something truly spectacular on the taste buds (unless I made it!). Is the egg any less important than the baking powder or flour? It is only when all the ingredients are combined at the right amounts does it all really come together.

We live our lives believing we are separate from everything but it is only once you see how it is all connected that you see the World for what it is. Quantum entanglement is coming some way in showing how this is possible.

Carl Said:
“How to explain somebody like Hitler? Does HE keep getting chances until he figures things out?”

Can I answer this with a question? If you knew that NOTHING could ever harm you… you knew it didn’t matter if you died of old age at 100, died at 20 in a car crash, drowned at 4 or were killed in some way by another, you just KNEW that you could never be truly hurt… would dying or how you die really matter except for the unique experience it brought you?

I read a fascinating book in which people recalled past lives. In one recall the person remembered being in a WWII camp and being gassed at the age of 6 or 7. When she was asked how she felt after she died she said she was fine, happy to meet others who were there. Then she went quiet and started crying… she saw the guard who was in charge of gassing them. She wasn’t upset for herself, but for him… because she knew he had to relive what he had done to others. She said her experience compared to his was easy and she would be back with the others quickly, he had the hard experience and she knew it would take him time to readjust and rejoin them.

What we perceive as being important may be a slight-of-hand to keep the fear going.

Carl Said:

“Your claim–that DMT creates a level playing field and profound yet unexplained answers for “everything”–is pretty neat. But if something truly did govern the universe, and was able to offer all of the answers, I simply can’t see how it would allow the Earth, a cesspool of greed and hypocrisy, to prevail. And pain! How to explain pain in the world?”

What if you’ve never experienced pain before?

Time is linear for us here now but that is not the case once you’ve passed over. If, in this life, I had some questions about the Egyptian period I could just as easily be next reborn 5,000 years ago as I could in a hundred or 5,000 years from now.

Most people talk of past lives as being progressive but what if the progression is based on experience and not time? What if you have already decided that this is the only time you come back in this current era? Wouldn’t being alive now be quite a ride (and challenge) compared to the golden age as an example? Who’s to say that the reason we have so many people on the planet at this point in time is exactly to experience the challenges you question?

Carl wrote:
Finally, while it’s true the body does create minute amounts of DMT, it’s illegal simply because it’s DANGEROUS.

Dangerous in what way? It isn’t addictive and I’ve read nothing of anyone ever dying from taking DMT, a chemical we all produce in our bodies. While I grant you it is very much life changing I think Terence McKenna said it best…

“Well somebody once asked me, you know, “Is it dangerous?” And the answer is, only if you fear death by astonishment. But death by astonishment is entirely possible! I’m not kidding! I mean, you are so f***ing astonished that you’ve never felt your astonishment circuits get a workout like that before!”


My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

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  1. Hello
    Right now I am 18 years old and since a very young age I have had these persistent questions about the afterlife.I was born a muslim, but the concept of eternal damnation for those who do not believe made me question my religion, and eventually I stopped believing.
    I overcame my existential crisis by realizing the limitations of my perception regarding time. The same way as a 2 dimensional being would not be able to comprehend 3 dimensional space. But recently I have encountered an even scarier question. What if I am alone in this universe? And everyone else is a fabrication of my mind? This sounds silly and I do not really believe this. But it is always in the back of my head as a possibility. It has gotten to the point where I cant live my life without being constantly scared.
    In a previous post you said you recieved impossible answers regarding life through dmt. Are there any answers regarding my problem. Basically how can a person on dmt know he is not being decieved? How do you know the entities you see on dmt are not fabrications of your mind. Or lies crafted by someone to decieve you? Is it possible to get absolute truth through dmt or is it just your belief that the answers you got were real? Can there be an answer to an impossible question?

    1. I know because what I saw was far outside of anything my own mind could create. That needs to be experienced, to understand the sheer magnitude of that sentence.

  2. Hello mate :). My name is Anze and I’m 19 years old. DMT found me, maybe because I want to know 🙂 I wish to ask you, because I only took DMT once now ( not a druggy or sth nor a drinker like you and never before took any pshicadelics) first one was DMT. The expirience kind of just opened my eyes for a little bit. Right now I do belive that every living being is precious and unique. And that I am here for a higher purpose not just WORK EAT SLEEP REPEAT. No No I don’t want or need that. Just want an advice. Do you think that on my next journey to finding my higher self, that I need to go in with a higher dose ? Do you think if I take A BIIG dose than I can breaktrough the second time ? Or will it be to much everything all of the sudden ? Because I think i know what will happen I am readying myself.
    Much love and peace ! Remember we have to create our own life people we can its all you :). Everything you need is already stored inside you for you 2 discover. That is if you really want that. If you are happy with what you have and do than don’t bother. 🙂

    1. Personally it took me several attempts to break through. I didn’t realise how important that third inhale was until my last attempt when I did then finally break through.

      Whether you take it again or not is a personal decision and I believe the only person in the right place to make that decision is yourself. I needed the breakthrough to get the answers I had spent my life looking for. I needed the impossibility of it to know what I had seen I could not have created myself. Some people don’t need that, I did need it.

      I hope you find what you’re looking for as well 🙂

  3. Hi, Simon. It is with great pleasure and excitement I message you. I have studied the world over for answers in life and what these answers mean to different people. I don’t have one question. It would not be fair of me to take up all your time. This “goal” that you had been talking about has resonated with me. I am meant to talk to you. I need to get into contact with you on a personal basis. Not to know where you live or your birth name but to get to know you. This might sound odd but I hope you don’t let that push you away. I am actually a very “normal” fellow finishing up my schooling and am 26. I have dedicated uncountable hours to topics such as yours. Thank you for reading, Simon . If it’s meant to be I am sure I will hear from you.

  4. Hi, I’ve been researching this topic of DMT and the afterlife for awhile, trying to answer my own far fetched questions about life. I recently read a story drawing a line between DMT, afterlife and meditation, practiced mostly by the Hindu and Native American cultures. Some say that when meditating that it is possible to slow your heart rate down enough that your body is feeling “near to death” so, it will begin to release small amounts of DMT, as it would when a body actually does die. They use this theory to explain why they think that these cultures meditate because they feel as if they are literally leaving their bodies and finding peace for shoe amounts of time. Have you ever heard anything like this or researched it? If so, have you ever tried it? If not, do you think you could maybe give me some rationality within this or say if it is possible to briefly take this trip without actually putting the chemical in your body?

  5. Hi.

    I have reached the final crossroads of the journey. You know this because I know this. I have made it to the final choice. And there is still no relief. The final choice is the first choice. And always will be.

    1. There will be a time within eternity when all intelligences collectively become something that does not exist now within the imagination of everything…the intelligence and the intelligences (2) will manifest (become) the 1 that never was… our universe (structure) will not be what it is now and nor will it’s contents (function)… I feel that… the universe feels that… that is the purpose of eternal…

  6. Hi, my friend took dmt and lsd for a couple of months. When he started to go deeper into his trips he stopped, because he said he don’t need it anymore to open up his pineal glad (3rd eye). recently he has been writing down equations and talking a lot about the energy and nature and ramble a lot about to love the moon and things that are far fetch into another realm, if to but it like that. It’s as if his mind has left this planet but his body is still here. Can you tell me how long would his mind be like that. And at what point would he be on a much stable thinking. He has been put in the hospital twice so far. Obviously doctors have no clue what or how to treat him. Can you please explain. Thank you.

    1. First off I must apologize for the delay. I have been taking some time out from my research and have been spending my time reflecting. I have only just noticed your post so I am truly and deeply sorry. How is your friend doing now?

      I’m afraid you won’t like my answer 🙁

      With LSD your mind can create what it sees and the mind can understand what it sees. With DMT however, your mind cannot begin to create that which is seen. The two are so vastly different from each other that they can’t be classified as the same thing.

      DMT isn’t your usual psychedelic, it goes way beyond that so I’m afraid I can’t offer you any help with LSD as I don’t know much about it because it is completely different to what I discuss.

      I really hope your friend pulls through!

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