A possible explination for the phrase “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing”

Some spend their whole life searching for the answers to the biggest questions. I was one of those people!

Mark Twain wrote “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why“. This quote has been the driving force of my current existence since my teenage years back in the 80’s. I had thought that it was possible to find the answer in books, religions, ancient texts, symbols and so on. I have now discovered, for me anyway, that I was wrong…

My brain had accumulated a lot of knowledge during this quest but it became a block because beliefs and ideas were limiting where I could look. I have had a lot of synchronicity in my life and it was all building up to a single moment in my time-line where I discovered how little I knew. This day was January 15th 2013 and is a day I will never forget.

It is possible to peak into the life-between-lives. It has been known about and practiced for thousands of years. There is a problem though; there are no words to describe what you see. It is outside of all imagination and there are no reference points like three dimensional space or linear time you can use to explain what you’re witnessing. At that point I realised that no matter how much I knew or read, no matter how far down a rabbit hole I went, it would still not make even the slightest dent in what I observed that day.

What I witnessed made me realise I could never explain what happens when we die and everything I had discovered so far didn’t amount to anything.

I therefore know nothing.




My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

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  1. We exist inside a single moment of simultaneous time that we have learned to sequence like a film in order to make things seem practical. We are imaginary living inside an imaginary world (very first hermetic Principle).

    Read Jane Roberts (SETH) for larger explanation of simultaneous time (and we all live forever by default.. and forever is a really, really , really long time.

    We SEED history with our expectations and thoughts.

    For example: A young boy seeking arrowheads in a field with merely a positive attitude (simpel energy magik.. it gets more disney at high levels) can manifest where a huinting party and deer were standing 500 years ago… (IN THE PAST).
    How every religion works….

    Imagine a skeptic was drowning in the ocean.. he will die.

    Now… Imagine the drowning person is a devout TOOTHFARIAN. This man attends Tooth Fairy Churches, donates to Tooth Fairy charities… and has always been a devout Tooth Farian. He even brushes his teeth 4 times per day.

    Now imagine the TOOTHFARIAN is drowning .. and he cries… “PLEASE LORD TOOTH FAIRY.. SAVE ME”

    This “POSITIVE OUTLOOK” seeds history.

    SUDDENLY! Three days ago (in the past), three days ago (in the past), three days ago (in the past)

    (Did I mention this next part occurs in the past)

    Suddenly – three days ago. IN THE PAST, a cruise ship and 3000 passengers get a slightly different weather report AND/OR alter course an extra 2 degrees so they are now on course to rescue the TOOTHFARIAN 5 minutes after he starts praying.

    The TOOTHFARIAN was at home packing for his sailing adventure the following day and yet a cruise ship and 3000 passengers have already altered their superposition (They are Schrodinger cat in box) to match the expectation of the TOOTHFARIAN (supervising scientist).

    The error of Quantum Mechanics is simply that they use “Probabilities” to affect changes instead of “EXPECTATION”.. a more accurate portrayal of what occurs.

    Wayne Hilborn – author of “The Savvy Sorcerer”, etc.

    I wrote this to you because of your “search you mention above”. I understand “reality” in most every aspect. I am a conscious creator.

    Socrates is word salad as “energy follows thought” is true knowledge in every plain and time.

    1. Imagine my smile when I saw your comment waiting to be approved.

      I just want to say thank you. I have waited many years to see those words appear. Your past action has a synchronicity that has shaped a new probability, or my intention today shaped a small part of yours in the past.

      My reality has been filled with synchronistic changes to probabilities, I used to try and push boundaries… until I realised there is no boundary, only probabilities based on intention (energy goes where intention flows). The last 4 years this has amplified immensely.

      I just wanted to smile and thank you for your probability nudge, it has changed something and it feels good.

      There will be a time within eternity when all intelligences collectively become something that does not exist now within the imagination of everything. The intelligence and the intelligences (2) will manifest (become) the one that never was…our universe (structure) will not be what it is now and nor will its contents (function) ……I know that….the universe knows that….that is the purpose of eternal.

  2. I really need you to reply to me I honestly have lived this life to many times lol I’ll explain it all if I’m destined to get an answer from you this time around my heart is beating hard I ca feel I my soul this is something new

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