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I have had a number of anomalies and synchronicity’s in my life. After 40+ years I have been shown that these were “keys”, triggers to lead to me to where I am now.

An example of one of these keys; if you put a picture of my mum’s dad beside a picture of me when we were both in our twenties you couldn’t tell us apart. We were identical in every way (hair, hair styling, eyes, ears, everything!). The key is in the fact I’m adopted and I should have no connection to this family whatsoever.

When I first saw this photo it triggered something deep inside me. I didn’t know what it meant but every atom in my body knew it was really, really important. This key came after a number of others but this was the one that set the path I would take from then on.

Once you are aware of the keys existing the path you originally chose will start to open before you. Free-will is still very relevant to your life but you will find that it will work in unison with the path you set as you entered this life.

Several pages on here are probably leaving you with more questions than answers. You can click here to contact me and I will try to help if I can.

The two most important days of your life are:

The day you were born and the day you found out why.

Mark Twain.

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  1. I have to say that since I have started reading about the bucegi mountains I feel compelled to research further. I heard a little about this from a friend a couple of years ago and the more I find out, the more I want to know. There is so much in this world that is hidden from US and I feel that every story starts somewhere. Like a friend said to me recently, there is no smoke without fire. I don’t know why I feel a very strong connection with this, but I do, I feel like in some strange way that I have some kind of connection with all of this, and it seems ridiculous to me that I feel like this as I am a very practical factual person. I would love to talk to anyone who feels similar, and Simon, I would love to chat to you some more.

    1. There is a certain amount of fact and fiction in the books. Forget what they were shown. Concentrate on the tunnels, rooms but especially the locations. The troubles they had getting into the tunnel has happened in the past. Tibet contains more answers than anywhere else on the planet.

      1. Mount Kailash is the key. When you guys have found a connection to mount kailash somehow it means something. We hindus have mentions of mount kailash everywhere in our mythology as the home of Lord Shiva. This cant be a coincidence,everything leading to the same path.

        1. Indeed…the synchronisities are piling up ..rapidly reading your article on Tibet etc. and now your blog..namaskara

  2. Hello, Ive spent a few hours reading about your research and i cannot help to feel almost forced to write you, i need to know more about the truth, something about reading all of these tells me that i can have a key role in all of this

  3. Wish to comment with regard to Roerich: His Asia expedition
    may have been “fronted” by explorer Roy Andrews, the Andrews
    work published in Nat. Geog. Magazine.
    Please don’t overlook photo of N.R. holding a box in which he claimed was a piece of “space metal” given to him by the UFO
    voyagers. Regards, Hal (Speleologist, The Stanford Grotto).

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