Afterlife thoughts if time and space are connected

We think of time as linear but this belief throws up numerous problems in science. I believe that all points time and space are connected. A particle here could connect to a particle on the other side of the universe at any point in time. If, for a moment, you could entertain this thought I propose something else to consider.

If we can briefly accept that there is life after death we all assume that this progression is linear and based on linear time. If any of you have had past life progression you should remember that you go back through lives on a linear timeline. What if the rebirths you were experiencing were NOT linear?

What if you can be reborn at any point in time? What if I spent a lot of this life looking into the Egyptian Pyramids, in my next life I could just as easily be reborn into the Egyptian period as I could a future point in time.

People say ‘how can there be so many new souls on the planet?’ I say ‘what if time isn’t linear and these souls are arriving from all points in time?’. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it can connect throughout time.

This then throws up another really interesting thought for me…

The ONLY way… I really do mean the ONLY way to experience each life is to have no knowledge that could alter the timeline and history. If I wanted to check out the 1980’s again I would have to make sure I didn’t have knowledge… like 3 men in a garage setting up a company called Microsoft, or remembering historic events, or remembering people who could have changed the world if they lived. ANY knowledge from the past or future would have severe implications. Not only would any knowledge of past lives restrict this experience it would also damage the timeline.

It is possible that when we first dipped our toes into being a matter-based life-form we had the ability to remember everything and perhaps we could also change the matter around us to give us what we needed. For a limited amount of life-forms on this small planet of ours this wouldn’t be a problem. The problem would arise when others started encroaching. It is possible that a great war took place by those abusing this power against those who wanted to experience a simple life. A failed experiment that was tweaked the next time around, then the next and so on.

Amnesia would be a necessity, as would the suppression of what we are truly capable of. We are rapidly devolving while at the same time more and more souls are arriving now to experience this precise moment in time. Is something big going to happen within our lives?


My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

3 thoughts on “Afterlife thoughts if time and space are connected

  1. I believe our lifetime we will see something change life as we know it. It seems like the elite are preparing us for alien disclosure. Anyways I believe once we pass that our soul/energy becomes this living breathing universe or maybe we are all the same spirit living out every life at once. But the question is where did it all start and is their a master creator?

  2. Everything is connected. Time as we know it appears linear but that is a 3rd dimension perception and is relevant to position. Time as we understand it, in a sense does not exit because everything is eternal. That is why you can jump into the past and into the future, things happen on time lines and co-ordinates.We are of course all eternal and I have to say that death, the way we have understood it is also false. Everything is still going on and not only can you go into a past or future lifes but you can speak to yourself as you were then because the you that you were still exists. Lotsa Love J

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