An update for all the recent emails

It appears that two different websites have linked to my website and it has created an influx of emails. For this reason I have come out of hibernation to answer a few of the questions posed…

First off I did not go into the tunnels myself. It was reading this book that led me on a path that, at the time, almost no-one had travelled. I found the book so enthralling that I started off trying to debunk it but it lead me on a much larger path.

If you really want to discover your own answers I strongly suggest you ignore what they said they found inside the tunnel and instead concentrate on the tunnels themselves. They are the key to unlocking many answers… as are the LOCATIONS they led too.

Both Hindu’s and Tibetan Monks worship the same Mountain in Tibet. Both believe their God still resides “inside” the mountain. The underwater city, found just off of Dwarka back in the 1980’s was a big deal… but with very little press or fanfare, then or since. If this was Krishna’s legendary Dwarka it could shape what was once thought of as myth.

There are tunnels all over the World. Built by different cultures, in different locations and spanning tens of thousands of years. The same goes for pyramids. Just google how many pyramids have been discovered so far. If you don’t know the number you will find it staggering!

What I have discovered is right for me but may not be right for you. People come here thinking of religious Gods, aliens and so on but what if the answer is so much simpler than that? This path has be to taken by each person individually. All I ask is you keep an open mind and try not to squeeze and force answers into your own beliefs.

Our history is a lie, albeit a persistent one…


My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

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4 thoughts on “An update for all the recent emails

  1. Keep up the good work I love reading about our history and I p honestly don’t know what to believe anymore but life is a beautiful thing and the mind is a sad thing to waste!

  2. I have a comment for ya liar! The “aliens” you push for your master wh*res are falling from your a**hole, where filth comes from!! You are anti-Creator but I assure you, He will not forget you at your judgement!! He warned you and your filth (the weak cowards in this world who do the work of evil), about your deceptions, your trickery, YOUR BULLS**T and suffer His wrath, YOU will you lying wh*re! [snipped a wall of text basically saying the same]

    1. I’m sorry but I had to trim your comment down as it was basically the same rhetoric throughout. It is a shame you didn’t read the post in its entirety because if you had you would have seen this part:
      People come here thinking of religious Gods, aliens and so on but what if the answer is so much simpler than that?

      It is easy to assume and judge others. It is also easy for the ego to vilify other people in the hope of creating a negative reaction. From everything I have read and witnessed I don’t feel we had an alien influence in our creation so your comment attacking me personally was erroneous and unfounded.

      In these discussions all views are welcome. I will only ever be polite and courteous in my replies to comments. I would hope though that a little courtesy is taken and people read what is being said, rather than inaccurately taking a stance on what has been written.

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