By far, the most popular post

Yes I’m still here, the blog is ticking along and I am thankful that my favourite post still receives the most comments…

The Power of DMT and my experience of the afterlife

It’s interesting to see how others see my words, and then for me to then try to explain it in a way that is more easily understood. It is the comments in that post that are the most interesting and I want to thank every single one of you for your comments and keeping the post going!


My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

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  1. Just a few hours ago I had the same experience you so eloquently described here. I’m not a spiritual person, a believer or anything like that. I am a skeptic, a person that believed that when your dead your dead and there is just nothing. Not anymore. I can’t believe what I now know but I know it’s true. I was by myself when it happened to me. I felt so alone in my knowledge. I found your post via Google search. Thank you for articulating what I cannot. I don’t know how I will live normally going forward. I feel a bit lost but I’m starting to feel like it’ll be alright. Wow… wow… wow. Nothing I knew or know matters and yet it all does. Wow. It’s only been 2 hours since my experience and as of right now I just don’t know what to do… I guess nothing. It’s good to know other people have been there and know the truth. I would never have believed it and still cannot describe it but I know this reality isn’t all that is real.

    Thank you,


    1. The quickest way to gain the answers, as you’ve found out, is to be completely open-minded as you then bypass the initial phase. Welcome to the New World 🙂

      For those new readers to this blog… there is a mountain of text in the section so if you haven’t read what I mean by ‘initial phase’, this is it;

      Whatever you believe will happen when you die will ‘initially’ happen. You won’t go into death fearing the unknown because whatever you believe will happen… will. If you believe there is a light at the end of a tunnel, you’ll see one. If you believe lost family are waiting for you, they will be. This phase guides you through the waking up stage before you progress on. Going on this experience with an open mind bypasses all those initial experiences.

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