How to find the truth – the power of connotations and discombobulations!

Many people think that the power of suppressing the truth is by adding lots of false information so it hides the the truth. While it does help to hide the truth it isn’t anywhere near as affective as adding false connotations to the truth so even if you do find it you will dismiss it based on those false connotations.

It is ingrained into our belief systems to accept what we’re told.If it’s on TV or if the majority believe something is true it must be correct, right?…

When was the last time you had a “UNIQUE” thought?

The deceptions are brilliant in their ability to prevent a person from understanding the words behind an idea without the “connotations” being included in the interpretation. There are words that have very important meaning but they have had these connotations added to them to prevent the real meaning being understood. When the word is spoken the real meaning cannot be seen without that extra connotation being present in the mind.

When trying to explain the ideas people get caught up on words (or symbols) that are not the true representation of those words or symbols. They have been programmed to associate the additional false ideas to the true meaning.

How To Find The Truth

If you seriously want to embark on this quest to find the answers then you have to strip away everything you’ve ever been taught. It is the responsibility of the researcher to leave the connotations behind and pursue the answers with a clear mind, free of all preconceptions.

An Example Of What This Means

I was trying to find a way to help explain what this means and I found one…

Lets pretend that I told you I have found an important symbol. A powerful symbol which is important. I then show you this…

swastikaSo on seeing that symbol do you see a positive symbol or do you see what you’ve been conditioned to see?

So now let’s take a look at where else you would find this symbol…


This symbol has been used for at least 10,000 years and can be found all across the World. I’ll leave you to find the real meaning of this very ancient symbol because the point isn’t what it means but what you THINK it means.

What is important is showing you that when I say one thing it is easy
for your preconceived ideas to block you completely from seeing the real meaning.In order to find the truth you must strip away everything you’ve ever learned and start from a blank sheet. Can you achieve that?

The preconditioning at school, media and so on has been remarkably successful at hiding something which is in plain sight. Even if I gave you my answers you would have a hard time believing its validity because, just like the swastika above, you already have preconceived ideas as to what symbols or words mean even though those meanings are wrong because extra, incorrect connotations have been attached to them.

There are two questions that are incredibly easy to answer;

1. What is the meaning of life?
2. What happens when we die?

When I found the answers I could not believe how simple the answers were. They have been staring me in the face since I started looking!

The answer will strip away all controls and all fears. You will be left with eyes that show you the true nature of existence and you will be at peace with your surroundings.Nothing will ever again cause you stress.

The answer is in understanding WHY the World is in the mess it is in and HOW it truly affects you and your existence. To find the answer your mind requires you need to look back in history to discover WHEN things started to change.

There was a time when we came to earth and we had access to the answers from birth. This defeated the purpose of “being” because it eliminated the true emotion and risk.

In our modern times when most people ask the question “Where did we come from” you only have two mainstream answers and one non-mainstream answer…

1. God created us
2. Evolution evolved us
3. Outside forces engineered us

Each answer given to us is far more complicated than the simplicity of the real answer. The answer is all around us and found, in part, within every religious and ancient text. It is the giant pink elephant in the room!


What Do I Need To Know?
That one is very straight forward…


Know Thy Self

Those who have the answers and use it to their advantage mock those who don’t know. They do so because the answers are so easy to find if you would think for yourself instead of being told what is real.

1. An atom is made up of almost all empty space. Protons are located at the center of an atom and are a part of what give an atom its mass. Within protons are subatomic particles known as quarks. Within quarks is empty space. Yet, this empty space produces 90% of the mass of a proton. Where’s the weight coming from, since all that’s in between subatomic particles is emptiness? This also makes the following deduction demonstrably and necessarily true: YOU consist of atoms; atoms are mostly empty space; YOU, in fact, are mostly empty space. How do we see humans as solid when the actual solid matter of your body could fit on your little finger?

2. If you strip away all the fear and control from every religion what do they ALL have in common apart from God(s)?

3. Why was the great flood talked about in over 170 texts? Why is the Christian version the only one that differs greatly from the others?

4. Why were so many tunnels built in the past (some over 800km) and why are certain countries building so many now?

5. Why are chemicals our own bodies produce each and every day illegal?

6. Why is there so much effort to separate humanity by race, country, wealth, religion and so on?

7. Why are we not taught ancient history such as the Mayans and Sumerians?

I have sadly found that it is impossible to discuss my findings with others. I’m not saying my answers are correct. I am saying that few follow this path to discover the answers. Everyone wants it handed to them on a plate but it is a plate full of connotations.

I don’t yet have any way of putting into words what I have found. Every word I can use has been distorted. Every sentence can be discombobulated by the preconceptions.

People think that creating false information is the power to suppress the truth. The real power is creating connotations and attaching them to the truth.Once that has been achieved one only needs worry about the few, rather than the many.


My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

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