Non-conceptual cognition. A look back at my DMT experience

It’s amazing how long it takes, after a DMT breakthrough, to find the right words or explanations to quantify what was witnessed.

For most things in life to be believed one has to experience it. Without the experience or similar reference point it is understandably difficult to believe. You know the look in their eyes as you’re trying to explain what you saw. I will forever more call this look in their eyes the “non-conceptual cognition stare”.

This look is often one of disbelief, skepticism, doubt or a myriad of others. The most annoying part of it is you KNOW if they took DMT and had a breakthrough then their look would immediately be one of astonishment. Then the next time you meet they would simply smile because only then would they understand why words are useless for this experience.

If my brain could have possibly constructed what I saw then my brain would have to be one of the greatest minds to have ever come into existence. But I know my brain is simply average. I have a simple mind trying to piece together the visuals and feelings of how creation came about and our roles within it. I clearly remember laughing at myself as the answers came to me, I remember the feelings, the “ahhh, OK, that was easy and I get it but why can’t I get it in my body-suit?” but back here simplicity has turned once again into incredible complexity.

The information there flows like a universal ocean. We are not a drop in that ocean, we are that ocean in a drop. Everything known, everything understood and crystal clear. But back here, in this experience, our infinite energy is compressed so much that to have this experience we leave most of the true-self behind. DMT is the connection between our ocean drop here and the universal ocean there.

My finding DMT happened at preciously the right time in my life. If it had been two months later I would have perhaps forever lost the opportunity to try it. My life changed completely after those two months, I had to walk away from everything to care for my Dad. I no longer have an income, a job, a home. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am exactly where I need to be and I’m very happy with my life because materialism has no hold over me. That last DMT breakthrough prepared me for my immediate future, one I didn’t even know was on the horizon.

How different the World would be if everyone on the planet saw what a DMT breakthrough shows you…


My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

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8 thoughts on “Non-conceptual cognition. A look back at my DMT experience

  1. What I keep reading is so true about dmt finding you. you have to be ready within yourself and you if you’re not ready then you should not do it for anybody else other than yourself. what I mean by that is if you’re doing it because somebody wants you to and not because you want to or you’re ready to go is all the difference in the world. As awesome as it can be I can be equally scary if you’re not ready. I’m lucky enough to have had the opportunity to do maybe 40 times. I experiences have always been life changing in a good way. First time I felt like I was dying but also it was a familiar feeling of where I was before I was born. My first time ever felt like I had to face by yourself which was sort of uncomfortable but I’m sure not as bad as some people however every time I’ve had it since I have been able to go to where I left off like a dream I

  2. Hey Simon,Thank-you for the heads up I rarely comment and have not met that many people that have had dmt it is rare here in Australia and there only hand full of souls who know which of our wattles contain the highest levels of dmt as well as the process to produce it.these souls are indigineous and told me of the journey I would take within my self and perhaps some of the enteties I might encounter and the vivid realms I may experience I thank them dearly for they made the experience a spiritual reckoning instead of a psychedelic trip, I could waffle on for hours!!! much love and light to my friend. in dreams I dream

    1. It is also very rare here. It was through synchronicity that at the very moment I was ready to try I found the way and found it within minutes.

  3. The dmt experience is one you don’t forget but to define the recollection is near impossible even after two or three leaves you breathless at recall and total detachment of the physical during the experience. I had a near death episode at young age; it is a freedom that leaves you unafraid of all possibility dmt is this freedom and should be embraced in all practices of spiritual enlightment, all is ONE you am I LOVE is all.

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