Zahi Hawass Storms out of Debate with Graham Hancock

April 27, 2015

We are fortunate that someone happened to be filming the agitated Zahi Hawass as he observed one of the slides Graham Hancock was going to use in a debate between them. Zahi refused to be in a debate if Robert Bauval, originator of the Orion correlation theory, was mentioned.

Graham Hancock remained calm through the whole incident and it shows once again that Zahi Hawass cannot debate the issue. Zahi said he has proved it was false so why not debate it like grown men instead of having a tantrum which was beautifully captured on film.

Lots of interest recently…

April 13, 2015

My main research has suddenly had a surge of interest and I’m receiving a lot of emails regarding it. The nature of the emails require thoughtful and often lengthy replies so please don’t be offended if it takes me a few days to reply. I will reply to all emails I receive.

Afterlife thoughts if time and space are connected

March 10, 2015

We think of time as linear but this belief throws up numerous problems in science. I believe that all points time and space are connected. A particle here could connect to a particle on the other side of the universe at any point in time. If, for a moment, you could entertain this thought I propose something else to consider.

If we can briefly accept that there is life after death we all assume that this progression is linear and based on linear time. If any of you have had past life progression you should remember that you go back through lives on a linear timeline. What if the rebirths you were experiencing were NOT linear?

What if you can be reborn at any point in time? What if I spent a lot of this life looking into the Egyptian Pyramids, in my next life I could just as easily be reborn into the Egyptian period as I could a future point in time.

People say ‘how can there be so many new souls on the planet?’ I say ‘what if time isn’t linear and these souls are arriving from all points in time?’. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it can connect throughout time.

This then throws up another really interesting thought for me…

The ONLY way… I really do mean the ONLY way to experience each life is to have no knowledge that could alter the timeline and history. If I wanted to check out the 1980’s again I would have to make sure I didn’t have knowledge… like 3 men in a garage setting up a company called Microsoft, or remembering historic events, or remembering people who could have changed the world if they lived. ANY knowledge from the past or future would have severe implications. Not only would any knowledge of past lives restrict this experience it would also damage the timeline.

It is possible that when we first dipped our toes into being a matter-based life-form we had the ability to remember everything and perhaps we could also change the matter around us to give us what we needed. For a limited amount of life-forms on this small planet of ours this wouldn’t be a problem. The problem would arise when others started encroaching. It is possible that a great war took place by those abusing this power against those who wanted to experience a simple life. A failed experiment that was tweaked the next time around, then the next and so on.

Amnesia would be a necessity, as would the suppression of what we are truly capable of. We are rapidly devolving while at the same time more and more souls are arriving now to experience this precise moment in time. Is something big going to happen within our lives?

Leaving my humanity behind, DMT update

March 1, 2015

When you first inhale DMT some strange things happen. For me it was this:

First thing I’d noticed is the sounds of World starting to quickly dissolve and then disappear completely. I began to see and feel sound rather than hear it. Then sound would connect to everything else, it became a part of the whole rather than a separate part of reality. This was the first stage of leaving my body behind and happened every time within seconds. Sound, sight, feelings, emotions; they all join together to become a single whole and are no longer different parts of being.

I then saw a grid pattern (breathtaking and  beautiful!). It looked as if it was lowering down to me but I now realise it was me rising up towards it. This was the boundary of our existence. Everything that makes us human is confined within this grid. A few times I observed how everything is connected. Not just living things but everything, all separate but intrinsically connected.

When the opening appeared in the grid and our reality started seeping in through it I still felt somewhat connected to my body but once I went through it I no longer felt connected to my human existence. All confines of being human disappeared . I was suddenly aware of who I truly was. All knowledge was available, all knowledge accessible all at once. It wasn’t a case of asking a question and getting an answer. It was more that I already knew all the answers so I didn’t need to ask the question in the first place. If you try to ask a question for the most part you’ll be told ‘just remember, you already know’. Here you could get a trillion answers at once and you were able to think a trillion things at once.

You are shown many things that are impossible to imagine or create within our minds. Some of this knowledge is shown in a way that you can take it back with you. Although you can’t put this information into words you remember visually what you were shown, you remember why it was important. When come back you remember what you were shown and you’ll left with a feeling that everything is fine. You can’t understand it within our minds but you know you did fully understand it there. You remember being shown the answers to the questions you needed answering.

Time is not linear and all points in time and space are connected. There are no barriers for particles when they are connected through non-linear time, space and vibration.


I’m still around!

December 21, 2014

I am still around and I do read and reply to the comments and emails.

If you celebrate Christmas I wish you a good one. If you don’t celebrate it then I hope you enjoy some time off from work.

This part of my life is still active but I’ve been branching out from this research into other fields. Not ready to put in down on paper but the journey is enjoyable and that’s the main thing.

We are all so busy worrying about what “should be” we fail to see “what is”. We are all so busy planning for the future that we fail to see “right now”.

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened”. Mark Twain

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”. John Lennon

Blog now more mobile friendly

October 22, 2014

Spent a little time tonight sorting out the styling for smaller screens. If you run into any problems please let me know.

A DMT comment discussion

October 15, 2014

Carl Braun raised some  interesting points in a comment which I’d like to address here…

Carl Said:
“What’s the difference between man and animal. For example, why would a crocodile be denied fulfilment as a human being? Same goes for a snail, ant or bee, etc.”

If you took this from the point of view that everything is separate from each other it wouldn’t seem that fair to the snail, ant or bee. There is another way to look at it so let me try…

If I were making a chocolate cake today I would have eggs, flour, sugar, baking powder, chocolate, oil and so on. Each as a separate ingredient doesn’t really do much but combined they make something truly spectacular on the taste buds (unless I made it!). Is the egg any less important than the baking powder or flour? It is only when all the ingredients are combined at the right amounts does it all really come together.

We live our lives believing we are separate from everything but it is only once you see how it is all connected that you see the World for what it is. Quantum entanglement is coming some way in showing how this is possible.

Carl Said:
“How to explain somebody like Hitler? Does HE keep getting chances until he figures things out?”

Can I answer this with a question? If you knew that NOTHING could ever harm you… you knew it didn’t matter if you died of old age at 100, died at 20 in a car crash, drowned at 4 or were killed in some way by another, you just KNEW that you could never be truly hurt… would dying or how you die really matter except for the unique experience it brought you?

I read a fascinating book in which people recalled past lives. In one recall the person remembered being in a WWII camp and being gassed at the age of 6 or 7. When she was asked how she felt after she died she said she was fine, happy to meet others who were there. Then she went quiet and started crying… she saw the guard who was in charge of gassing them. She wasn’t upset for herself, but for him… because she knew he had to relive what he had done to others. She said her experience compared to his was easy and she would be back with the others quickly, he had the hard experience and she knew it would take him time to readjust and rejoin them.

What we perceive as being important may be a slight-of-hand to keep the fear going.

Carl Said:

“Your claim–that DMT creates a level playing field and profound yet unexplained answers for “everything”–is pretty neat. But if something truly did govern the universe, and was able to offer all of the answers, I simply can’t see how it would allow the Earth, a cesspool of greed and hypocrisy, to prevail. And pain! How to explain pain in the world?”

What if you’ve never experienced pain before?

Time is linear for us here now but that is not the case once you’ve passed over. If, in this life, I had some questions about the Egyptian period I could just as easily be next reborn 5,000 years ago as I could in a hundred or 5,000 years from now.

Most people talk of past lives as being progressive but what if the progression is based on experience and not time? What if you have already decided that this is the only time you come back in this current era? Wouldn’t being alive now be quite a ride (and challenge) compared to the golden age as an example? Who’s to say that the reason we have so many people on the planet at this point in time is exactly to experience the challenges you question?

Carl wrote:
Finally, while it’s true the body does create minute amounts of DMT, it’s illegal simply because it’s DANGEROUS.

Dangerous in what way? It isn’t addictive and I’ve read nothing of anyone ever dying from taking DMT, a chemical we all produce in our bodies. While I grant you it is very much life changing I think Terence McKenna said it best…

“Well somebody once asked me, you know, “Is it dangerous?” And the answer is, only if you fear death by astonishment. But death by astonishment is entirely possible! I’m not kidding! I mean, you are so f***ing astonished that you’ve never felt your astonishment circuits get a workout like that before!”

A good video to watch if you’ve taken DMT…

October 11, 2014

Alan Watts is a great philosopher in my humble opinion. In this lecture he talks about non-conceptual knowledge and where the mind needs to be. Eastern religions concepts of reaching non-conceptual knowledge are really close. This was a great lecture for me. I hope you also enjoy it…

Common Sense Renewed with missing 3rd Chapter

September 26, 2014

Common sense renewed, by Robert Christian. This is the pseudonym of a private American citizen who has chosen to remain anonymous. Although this book has been semi-available for a while this link purports to include the missing 3rd chapter. It is a good read!

The download link is here.

340 DMT reports

August 18, 2014

My post about my last DMT experience has had more views than any other blog post so I thought I would share with you a link to 340 more DMT reports.

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