Recent flood of emails

Every so often I get a spike of emails asking me questions. A website must have linked to the site recently because I’ve had several emails over the last few days.

It is very difficult to give quick replies. Most of my replies are several pages long because the context of the answer has to also be given. These take me a long time to write so I apologise for the time it takes me to respond.

I am much more recluse than I once was, especially with my views which I share to no family or friend. I have tried in the past but I fail every time because there are no words for much of what I have observed and learned. The parts that I have words for need so much context to explain it I really struggle.

The Bucegi pages are a small part in my journey. The only reason it exists is to try to find someone else who has been on a similar path with regards to ancient tunnels, Gods in mountains, our ancient ancestors and where we come from. To date I’ve found no-one but I’m still looking.

I only answer a dozen or so emails a year because my replies can take so long to write. If I don’t answer you please forgive me. My journey is coming to an end and I rarely discuss any of this any more.


My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

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  1. Hello
    I live in South Florida. I have done some studying on my family genetic line as well as Queen Mary, Queen Victoria Grand daughter. That is not why I am contacting. I have red multiple books on Bucegi Mountain and feel the need to walk the mountains and experience it myself. something is drawing to the area.

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