The limitations and power of beliefs

There is perhaps only one thing more powerful than a belief. When we believe in something, it becomes truth. This is because our beliefs determine the choices we make in our lives. With our ego attached to a belief we are no longer able to accept other possibilities.

Ego builds barriers, beliefs harden those barriers with an impenetrable coating. This person is then completely and utterly controlled by the systems within and outside of them…

Belief precedes and can exclude future knowledge. We learn through a belief filter, shaping the facts to fit our pre-existing beliefs. For most of us, when new facts come to light that support our belief system, we assimilate them. When new facts call our beliefs into question, we ignore them.

At some point in our existence we gave up social power, gave up the power of community and gave up control over our own lives. This is all the more startling when we realise that this power is based on simple beliefs. By allowing ourselves to be convinced that someone else is stronger, more knowledgeable, more moral, closer to God, or just more powerful than we are, we have willingly participated in our own enslavement.

How many wars, how much suffering, how many deaths can be attributed to beliefs? Or a more easy question would be “how few would there be without beliefs”?

If someone thinks they are better than others, are more right than others, more awake than others, then they are no more awake than the others.

What’s better than a belief?

“An idea”. With an idea there is no rigidity, no bottleneck to prevent a person from listening to another subjectively. With an idea you can play with it, jostle it around in your mind and throw it out if something better comes along. A belief will greatly limit knowledge. A belief wrapped in ego will all but destroy the possibility of knowledge progression.

In my first sentence I said that there is perhaps only one thing more powerful than a belief. Anyone care to guess what that is? 🙂


My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

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