The Power of DMT and my experience of the afterlife


I am not a drug taker (nor drinker for that matter). I had heard of DMT but it wasn’t until I was ready did DMT find me. I only took it a handful of times and this experience I am sharing here with you was the final one, the one that gave me the answers. After this experience my life changed completely, my questions had answers and I no longer needed DMT…

My final experience was reality shattering, ego destroying and fear eliminating. What you may witness if you break through is a peak into the after-life. If you hit the jackpot and push all the way through, you might not only see the after-life but may also understand the how and whys (including where do we come from and why we are here).

That sounds hard to believe I know. Governments have known about DMT for decades and have banned it because they know what it shows you. Answer me this; how can a chemical that we ALL produce each and every night be illegal? The problem they face with DMT is that it is life changing.

Once you’ve broken through and come back you see the World for what is truly is and your role within it. No longer are there any controls, fears, labels, separation. You are free from the Matrix Neo because you saw what is behind it and it ain’t no metal machine!

A person, devoid of the DMT experience, will never understand the sheer scale of what has been witnessed by the person taking it. It is easy to postulate that what was witnessed was what the mind created. I know it is impossible for any mind, on any type of level, to create what is shown. It is a non-human reality where my own mind was just a bystander, an observer, to layers and layers of simultaneous impossibilities all interwoven to create the fabric of existence on many different levels and dimensions at the same time.

The problem for the person taking DMT is that there are no words in any language to accurately describe much of what was seen.

How do I know it isn’t just a psychedelic drug?

Even on a good experience you’ll be lucky to bring back 5-10% of what you saw. This is because our matter-based reality is too condensed (squashed) to be able to understand the complexity of creation. Up there it is incredibly easy to understand everything and you get all the answers. You’ll come back remembering the emotions of having these big questions answered, you may even see the answers still in your mind, but there is simply no way of conveying most of them.

The other difference with DMT is that you are in complete control of your faculties the whole way through. At no stage do you feel you are “tripping”. You are fully awake and aware that you’ve just been hurled through our spec of reality into the immense “place” behind this reality. You move into a World outside of time and outside of any boundaries your mind can deal with or create.

How do you describe the indescribable? How do you explain the impossible? The experience-teller is so limited by words that often what was seen cannot be said. With DMT it is the world that is replaced, instantly, it’s all gone! Reality is completely swapped out for something else vastly greater. It doesn’t even retain organic matter, three dimensional space or linear time as reference points.

I have seen what many would describe as an angel (see my experience below) but the moment I say that the person who hasn’t seen what I saw conjures up images of winged humans. That is infinitely understating what “it” is. This “angel” is not solid, the outline can barely be seen. Her brightness, yet super-sharp clarity, cannot ever be justly described. Her touch made every single last atom in my body below and my soul up there explode in the most intense joy and happiness.

The light-energy (or energy-light) surrounding us changed when my soul realised who it was and she smiled. On this final DMT journey I was taken to where they/we come from, our life-between-life. Again, there are no words to describe what this place is because it sits outside of words. It is the energy of everything that creates it, the higher level feelings that control it. Simply describing it isn’t enough because you need to also experience the energy, emotion and harmony to fully understand how it works.

No longer does fear play a part in your life. Controls? gone. Ego? Gone. It is life-changing, non-describable and the most intense experience you will ever have on this planet.


DMT is NOT a play drug, it should not be used if you just fancy something different. If you think you are strong enough to handle an experience that could (and probably will) completely change your life then, and only then, would I advise it. If you are not ready you may experience a bad trip. My advice is to let DMT find you because it will once you’re truly ready.

The clarity is something so incredible that I have not seen any image of a DMT experience being close to what you see once broken through. The reason is it cannot be drawn. I have however found just one image that maybe give you a tiny idea of the scale of clarity.

This is an image of a sunflower as we see it and a sunflower as you may see it on DMT (click to enlarge)…


Click to enlarge image

What I’m trying to show is that what you see isn’t “Oh whoa man, that’s trippy” but more like “how the hell can everything have a clarity so far beyond what we can see!”. The picture isn’t an exact visual but it’s heading in the right direction.

Is it dangerous?

Only if you fear death by astonishment (thank you Terence Mckenna!) You don’t change but the World is instantly replaced, it dissolves this boundary and pushes you through to a place of few words. You don’t expect to be greeted by a being who tells you how vitally important it is that you are there and not to give in to astonishment. You don’t expect to have the most difficult asked questions answered. The questions are not only answered but completely understood.

The problem is our language doesn’t have the capability to put into words what the afterlife is. You can see the answers, feel the answers but you can’t come back and DESCRIBE the answers well enough to do them justice.

My DMT Experience on 15th January 2013

On this occasion I took a big hit because I wanted to push through the veil we are trapped in to discover what is on the other side.

Initially, I saw the usual geometric shapes but this time I felt a much greater pull as my soul pushed hard to leave my bodysuit. There was so much pressure against my body it felt like I could hardly breathe but as I lifted out everything changed!

All emotion had gone except for peace. Everything that seemed to matter in life now felt meaningless and laughable. I felt as if I had woken from a dream. I had moved from this tiny little slither of reality and went back home to the full expanse of our true reality.

How difficult it is to describe that we are the universe observing itself, how difficult for many to believe that we are all connected, we are all one with all things. We are each an infinite flow of energy that can slow down its pulse or vibration enough to experience the universe through ourselves via these body-suits.

I felt my soul leave my body, lifting upwards towards the geometric shapes in front of me. As I was almost on top of them a sort of gateway opened up and these geometric shapes seeped through into the next dimension, our home. It was truly the most incredible thing I have ever seen!

The meeting of the entity

The first thing I noticed was that time had stopped. I immediately became aware that I was now in a place where time and distance no longer had any meaning.

Emotionally all I could feel was a kind of love and peace but more advanced, more powerful. There were no negative emotions here. It was like being inside a blanket of calm.

I was now in the same location but in the afterlife. This one was pure energy and frequency, all things connected to each other in a way I cannot put into words. Visually I could see, and not see, the connections both at the same time which I know makes no sense at all.

I was still trapped in the geometric grid as it followed me through and I saw a transparent, blue glowing hand reach down in front of me. I looked up and saw the most beautiful, incredible entity. My soul and body below literally and did weep as this being smiled at me. This being was so bright and translucent that I could barely make out any features.

I could see through this being and yet her glow was magnificent! Her touch made every atom inside me come alive, both soul and my body suit below. It was as if my entire existence was dancing with joy and love that smothered everything.

My soul instantly knew that I had been connected to this being for aeons, she was the one who stayed there for each of my lives to assist me when needed. My Brain couldn’t understand how this could be so but my soul was dancing with immense joy to see her again.

She took my hand and guided me up. The geometric shapes restricting me fell behind but I still had some kind of barrier, resembling a coral, in front of me. I asked what was this for and I was told that I was always welcome here but for their and my true-self’s safety I was to be an observer and I wasn’t allowed too near, or to access the places I use between lives.

I could see other beings just like her but further away moving about in this place. It was light but in a way that is hard to explain. The energy/emotion of everything created the light. There was no real distance and it felt like I could be in all places in all times.

Still holding her hand she led me to near where they/we come from. Inside this energy building (the word ‘building’ does it no justice at all, there are no words to accurately describe it!) I could feel ‘my’ presence. I am a fragment of this whole, experiencing a matter-based existence through myself. I no longer felt alone in this place, I was this place, a part of the whole.

The solid of our existence is the illusion but one which we created. It is not possible for our matter-based brains to comprehend this place when we are living in our bodies. In our real home, all the answers are found. All questions become clear because we already knew them, I just needed to remember that I knew them.

When I say answers it wasn’t one after the other. It was thousands of answers all at the same time flowing through my soul. My brain could not keep up with even a tiny fraction but my soul was absorbing it all, glowing with joy as the energy of the answers flowed through it.

I knew where we come from,  I understood how it works, why we don’t remember, what happens before we are born and what happens after we die. I was looking at the energy force I knew so well because this was where it all happens and where I’ve come and gone many, many times.

As questions came into my head they were answered before I finished the question. Everything was SO clear and easy to understand. I was laughing at myself because my brain was trying to rationalise the impossible so in the end it gave up and just went from astonishment to amazement as the answers flew through my soul.

I started moving away from this place and my very old friend released me and smiled the warmest of smiles because we both knew it was time to go back. The way back was slow and in my mind I was desperate to retain the knowledge I had discovered. She already knew what I was thinking before I finished thinking it and told me it was not possible to bring back with me what I found there because everything has  to be condensed (squashed?) down so much that it is not possible to retain it on matter-based dimensions. My soul can, my brain can’t. She also pointed out that I already knew and I would know again. “Just enjoy the show you created for yourself, no harm can ever come to you. Your mind will remember the feelings and emotions you had as the answers came to you.” she said warmly.


I didn’t find DMT, it found me when I was ready. The few people I have spoken to about it said exactly the same thing. It is absolutely not a play-thing for your mind. It rips apart the very foundations of beliefs and can… no, probably will, change every aspect of your life.

Final thought..

Life on earth has changed for me completely. I care much more about living things. None of the troubles in this life amount to anything. When we are reborn we bring with us some of the emotion and experiences of other lives but they are locked in the soul and hidden from the consciousness mind. This “data” isn’t in the mind, it’s in atoms spread across time and space. Everything is connected and so is the data.

Some more for you to ponder…

We join these bodies during pregnancy at around the 3 month mark but during the pregnancy and for several months after birth we tend to leave the body quite often.

We are here and there at the same time. I call this a soul fragment. My soul in this body is simply a piece of the whole. The remainder on the other side cannot participate in much else because it is focused on what’s happening here.

Seventy years may be a long time here but there it ends almost as quickly as it starts.

We do choose our parents to some extent… we each have a goal we need to reach when we come into this life. We base the decision of the parents on which parents would help us towards that “goal”. There could be a couple of options for parents or several. We tend to choose the ones that would help us with the “goal” rather than the ones who may be the best parents to raise you.

Whatever this goal is your life will keep steering you towards it until you have either accomplished it or you pass away before you could achieve it. If your life is forever taken down the same path then there is a high likelihood that something on this repeating path is the one you need to learn.

There is no hell or damnation if you commit suicide but you will come back and repeat the same experience again and again, life after life until you reach your goal. This will be through choice and not force. You cannot progress if you don’t reach your goal so you will want to keep going at it until you succeed.

Humanity tends to think that being rich or successful are the things to strive for but it is those who reach their goals that have the real success because whatever hardship was faced in this life won’t need to be faced again.

We think of suffering as a bad thing but these seventy or so years in this body is just a heartbeat of time in the grand scheme of things. The body may suffer but your soul is simply experiencing it and cannot be harmed.

There could be one to five people in your life who have been connected to you many times before. It appears to me that there may be a small core group who can come in together to help each other, planned before we enter this World again. Personally I have discovered two in my life that are in this category.

At the moment of death there will be no fear and no doubt. You will start to wake up from this dream hidden from humanity…

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What is DMT?

N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT or N,N-DMT) is an endogenous neurotransmitter, meaning that the human body already produces it. DMT is a serotonin agonist; an agonist means it interchangeably binds to the same 5-HT neural receptors as serotonin, the mood-regulating neurotransmitter.

Depending on the dose and method of administration, its subjective effects can range from short-lived milder psychedelic states to reality shattering, unimaginable visuals that can include entities and/or the most powerful spiritual experiences you can dream of.


My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

150 thoughts on “The Power of DMT and my experience of the afterlife

  1. Thank you for sharing this Simon, a well written account. I very much enjoyed reading, especially your spiritual musings towards the end about how we choose our parents to reach our ‘goal’ in life. Very interesting.It also interested me very much in how much the experience changed you and your life, as I myself have been unsure about the transformation potential of this substance. I would be very interested to know how much of the change has persisted, now it is many years later? I see that you had the experience in 2013, and published this post over a year later in 2014. It’s now many years later, so I’m curious, are the insights as fresh and clear now as they were then? Are you still able to somehow maintain or see with the perspective you had after the experience?

    My most powerful DMT experience to date was around 2013/2014, though I came out with more questions than answers. If you are interested you can read my account and thoughts on it here
    I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.
    Thanks again and best wishes

    1. I wish we could meet so we could smile and laugh at the experience together. Your account is very good and well written, I can entirely relate to it. Trying to describe the impossible is not easy.

      I’ve never mentioned the city in my post because it is impossible to describe what that meant. I knew people would start trying to imagine it… which then negates the experience I’m trying to convey, so I simply didn’t say anything. Again, I need to be careful but did you get the feeling/experience that you were already there and were somehow an observer of yourself?

      Even today, the experience is with me and my attitude, outlook and experiences are all tied into it. Synchronicity now plays a very large part of my life. It will always be profound, always be something that eliminated all fear and will always be something I am grateful to have found. After all these years, I still have no desire or need to do it again. I found my answers. I am content and at peace.

      Also after all these years, I have rarely spoken of it to people I know. I recalled my experience to my Dad as he was dying, it did give him some peace. I have spoken to just three other people in all these years, but it was in a ‘vague, self-explore if you want to’ kind of way. I feel this is something people will seek for themselves if they are on that path.

      1. Haha, the experience is quite unbelievable, though admittedly memory of mine has slipped away a lot.

        Thanks for your kind words. The city is such a strange phenomenon and yes totally impossible to describe, but gratifying that you know what I mean. I can’t say I had the feeling that I was already there exactly, but the feeling of being observed and an observer simultaneously does seem kinda fitting.

        That is quite amazing that the experience is with you and how everything else is tied in. Do you have any insight in to how you managed to ‘hold’ so much of it, or carry away so much from it? Many people find it incredibly difficult to recall, let alone integrate an experience and take value from it into their post DMT lives, so I’m very interested in how you managed that. Did it happen naturally? Did you have any particular ‘integration’ practices? Were there any specific things which helped and/or do still help to remember or reconnect to the experience?

        I find it quite amazing that you still have no desire to do it again. That is something that I can’t say myself, and indeed reading your reply actually makes me want to go back. I have to say that I still have unanswered questions from my trip, and still very curious about the substance and the experiential space it took me too.

        Very interesting how few people you have shared with, and has me thinking that perhaps could be a reason that your experience has retained so much of its magic. Hmmm

        1. I feel like I held on to just a few percent of what I observed while there. I can still see some things I observed but I have no words I can use to describe it for the words do not exist. For much of the observations where the words do exist, those words have so many connotations that the ability to be able to accurately portray that observation is lost.

          I went there with a specific purpose and I came back with enough to either see the answer or know the answers were observed. I feel that as the information is leaving you, you have the ability to hold on to the parts that will help or guide you the most. As I was returning, I focused on my purpose and much of that remained with me as my eyes opened. The few percent I do recall was my reason for being there. Perhaps going there with a specific goal can help you bring some or all of that goal back with you?

          This is something that I’ve never seen anyone talk about, i.e., the way the information leaves you as you return back. That experience in itself was quite an experience.

  2. Simon,

    I think parts of your experience description are quite beautifully stated, but (not meant antagonstically) I also see contradictions or statements in it that just don’t make sense to me at all, especially with respect to the experiencing of suffering and forgetfulness. I’m afraid I agree with another commenter who remarked “what’s the point.” So to be specific, you said, for example:

    If you were to enter a boxing ring, to fight against another but… You were wrapped in cotton wool, every part of your body was protected against any type of blow… and your opponent could only hit you with bubbles… would you experience the true feelings of the fight? Would you feel fear, strength, rage, pain? Would you believe you were ever in danger of losing or being in trouble? No, the experience would be so watered down that you wouldn’t gain anything from it.

    But I wouldn’t want to enter a boxing ring. Indeed, even after deep though, I can think of no reason at all why I would ever want to do such a thing if a world of happiness and joy was possible. This is my core problem with your whole case. Why would I want to feel fear, rage, and pain? Again, I can think of no sensible reason in a world where genuine joy is possible? Stretch myself? Why would I want to “stretch myself” if I was a joyous, liberated being? Why on earth (or off it) would I want to enter into dark, sour, constricted experiences for any reason whatsoever. Again, makes no sense to me at all. I have no attraction to suffering in any way, shape or form. And I think that deifying suffering in any way (although it is often done in spiritual discussions) is harmful thinking.

    “If you knew, with every fibre of your body, that nothing could ever hurt you. If you knew life after life what happened when you died, how could you truly experience life to the fullest? We used to know what happened when we died, I feel we just reached the point where we needed to push ourselves further. Knowing the answers prevented it.”

    Why do things need to be able to hurt me in order for life to be lived “to the fullest”? You also said, wouldn’t a perfect life get boring there? I wonder if this is the underlying psychological thought behind what you are saying. Again, I would respond, that if it genuinely is joyous and perfect, you *could not get bored.* Did you not say yourself that negative feeling wasn’t possible there. Well, boredom is a negative feeling…why would that be an exception? Boredom also implies a dragging-style elapse of time. But isn’t it timelessness there? How can one be aware of the lapse of time in a timelessness? And what do you mean by “progress” in a timelessness? Why would pain be necessary for supposed progress in a world where no negative experience is possible. Too many questions without answers Simon.

    For my own part, I can only say that I had to answer “no” to each of the rhetorical questions you posed…no I would not get bored in a perfect world, especially if it was actually perfect. I wouldn’t get tired of luminous joy if it is actually luminous. I wouldn’t feel a need to “slum it” with some cancer or a spinal break just to spice things up a bit. That way of thinking makes no sense to me, and actually seems to me to trivialize existence rather than deepen it.

    Aldous Huxley (another psychedelic traveler, as I am sure you are aware) once said that to claim God wants us to suffer is to blaspheme against the divine nature. Although I don’t literally believe in blasphemy, or a literal textbook God, I see what he is saying, and I have to agree with it.

    I am sorry if I seem to have gotten on your case in this comment, Simon (I may have got a bit carried away with myself). But my concerns are real enough. I don’t think there is any version of spiritual entities allowing us to suffer…if they could stop it…that I can find remotely acceptable, humanly,. ethically, or spiritually.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts and comments. It is indeed, difficult to explain but, by using your logic and thinking, I shall try again…

      Let’s say you had the ability to create yourself. In this example let’s just pretend that all you ever do is create your life.

      You give yourself your two arms, your two legs and your brain that allows you to do all the things you can currently do. If we were to use your words and logic, you’re saying that you would want to be born and remain in a quadriplegic state for your entire life, never once using your arms or legs. Why? Because from your point of view, you never ever want to run the risk of experiencing the pain of falling over, breaking a bone, cutting your hand on a knife and so on.

      Yes, you’d be much safer as a quadriplegic in a bed or wheelchair for your entire life, but you would never experience the fullness of that life because you’ve greatly limited it down to not wanting to experience any of the negative elements of living, those elements that are associated with being able to do anything and taking risks.

      So now let’s push that further. Let’s say you have created yourself and you’ve given yourself a million lives, in a virtual world, to do anything and everything you can think. It’s virtual reality, no harm can ever truly come to you and you never really suffer. Think of it like playing a video game. Each time you die in this virtual world, no matter or happy or grisly that life/death was, you just simply respawn and let rip once again, with a freedom to try absolutely anything because nothing can ever truly harm you.

      Using your login you would respawn one million times as a quadriplegic, never once taking a single risk for a million lives, even though there are no risks and it is all just a game where nothing ever really hurts you and you could push yourself as far as you wanted to be pushed.

      I don’t know about you, but I’d be bored stiff within the first few dozen lives. This life your living now isn’t any more or less equal to the lives before this one or the lives after this one. If you had, let’s say, a Million chances to play a virtual, no-harm done, experience of your life, are you sure you wouldn’t want to spend at least some of those dabbling in risks to get the fullest experience from the game?

    2. Simon,

      I am a wanting explorer of life. What came before this, what happens after this, what are we experiencing in the now, why do I/we/all have only the ability to experience this sliver of reality? These are only a few of the questions that are on my mind everyday.

      Your story has peaked my interests even more. Your statement, “The body may suffer but your soul is simply experiencing it and cannot be harmed.” I have found this to absolutely be true in my meditations. With this said, I have never used any psychedelic. I am not a drinker nor drug user. I have had interests in psychedelics for a very long time. I have no idea where to begin to find someone, i.e. a Shaman, to help guide me on a psychedelic journey. I know you said DMT will find me when I am ready but I feel that I am ready now. Again, this has been on my mind for decades. Would you be able to point me in the right direction to come to that point in my journey. Thank you friend.

      1. A psychedelic experience is something your mind can create. The observations briefly experienced in the DMT realm cannot be created in your mind. If I could use words to explain some of the experience that I came back with, it would be most useful 🙂

  3. Simon. My God. I had the same experience. The blue hand, the “goddess”, the answers to everything. All of it. I was taken through many dimensions of beings, ultimately escalating to the “top” where she was. My god she was beautiful. This confirms what I know…it is reality. I have shown others your account and told them this is EXACTLY what my foundation is built upon. They don’t know what to say. I am struggling so hard and feel so alone. They don’t understand, and I know they think I’ve gone mad. I cannot unsee what we were shown. I try to explain that within the energy room were 5 beings or “sources” of all the energy that is. It sounds so ridiculous, but it simply isn’t. As you stated, it is impossible for the human to generate this light and experience.
    I get really annoyed with science trying to downplay this experience as a powerful hallucination and attempts to rationalize it. It’s not possible. There is no way to measure this. I had this experience on my very first time. I had no fear so I was ready. I had been working with psilocybin to prepare for her. Please connect with me.

    1. Hi !

      It’s is possible to talk to you ? I would love to hear your story and maybe you could… help me to “understand” some things ? I Know it’s difficult because this experience is… almost impossible to describe but I did some psilocybin and I “feel” I have the answer but a part of me still a little bit afraid and people like you always make my soul happy because what you explain resonate on me and I feel it help me to let go my mental based fear to open my heart and let the truth flow in me :).

  4. Hi, it’s me again. I was wondering, you say that there is new souls and old souls, does it mean that souls “come to life” and so, they could “die”. That mean that, my soul (or yours) once upon a time, didn’t exist ? So, could she back to this non-existence state ? And maybe go back to the existence-state, over and over again ?

    Or it’s just, souls always exist, they just change they state on “conscious” and “no conscious” ?

    Thanks you for your time ! I think you don’t imagine how much your words help me, helped me et will, probable, help so much more people !

  5. Hi,

    I have a question about the afterlife…Do you *have* to reincarnate? I feel like I’m done with life, or at least when I die of natural causes, I don’t want to come back to the material plane. I’ve been called an old soul twice by different people. I don’t know if that means anything, but I just want to rest. I still feel like I have a lesson to learn here and I feel I will fully comprehend what I learned once I die.

  6. I was adopted from birth from a line of three generations of drug addicts, I was adopted from birth by people who know nothing about drugs and can’t relate with addiction. I love them so much but it’s hard to communicate through words. For the longest time I’ve thought that finding my birth parents was going to answer my questions of basically, “why am I the way I am?” But my birth dad is most likely dead now(he’s been missing for months and my birth family don’t know where he is but his DOC was heroin and it’s being cut with fentanyl now so I presume he’s probably dead) and my birth mother, from what I understand, is too ashamed to talk to me because the three siblings are a year apart and I was the middle child. To this day I don’t really understand why I wasn’t kept but at the same time I’m grateful I wasn’t. It’s weird. Throughout my life I’ve pondered questions like “what are we” “why are we the only ones advanced on this level, the only species like this?” “Is there a God” “why would this all be happening the way it is happening if this God was loving” I tend to think more in depth about why or what organisms are, particularly humans, obviously, then other people around me or at least MOST people around me. I’ve always been a weird sort of “indigo” child is what you call them I think. I am afraid of death more than anything because I have made very bad choices and acted on very evil intentions, and I believe in my conscious or soul you know what your doing is wrong and I did. But did them anyways. I want to live the rest of my life a good person but I SWEAR to you I can’t describe it but it’s almost in my nature to think negatively, make bad decisions, and maybe even enjoy it. No, it’s enjoyable tbh. But there’s something in me that thinks my decisions will have consequences and whether it’s any religion I think they will. I don’t think it’s fair to burden this one species with free will and advanced intelligence…it’s fucked up in a way? Maybe that’s just my negative perception. So anyways I’ve never tried DMT. I’m afraid to. I don’t know when or if I will ever be “ready” but maybe I’ll do it soon because I’m starting to become very fascinated with it and hopefully it will change me for the better, so my question to anyone out there is, CAN THIS SUBSTANCE CHANGE ME FOR THE BETTER?

    1. Freddy,
      I’ve had very similar experiences in life. Being adopted, but mainly my parents being drug addicts, and even my adoptive parents as well. This lead to me basically raising myself since I was about 13-jumping from friends houses, to family’s houses, and what not. I relate so hard to everything that you’ve said in this thread- from my fear of death, to making bad choices and feeling damned because I have known better, and even enjoying them slightly. It is fucked up in a way to burden a species with free will and advanced intelligence- but God how boring would things be if we didn’t have one or either or those things? Yes, DMT will change you for the better. Not only will it help you understand your choices, but it will make them so obsolete in the grand scheme of things, and also help you gain a completely different perspective that hopefully you will understand that some bad experiences just simply aren’t worth the immense pain they cause compared to the short lived pleasure. DMT changed my life- I felt very alone, and afraid upon taking it, it was actually the reason I did take it. My whole life I felt incredibly alone, and very misunderstood. The search for God, or my spiritual journey, is what lead me to DMT- or how it is said in this post- DMT found me. And it wasn’t until after taking DMT that I felt as though I wasn’t alone anymore. It was like a missing piece of the puzzle was given to me, and from there the rest of the pieces were so much easier to place. It all came together. I wish you the best in this lifetime. I hope you find what you’re looking for, and I hope your experience (past or future) will help answer many of the questions you have. -Emily

  7. Hey Simon

    I feel truly honored to read your experience and your views on certain big life’s unanswered questions, your story & perspective touched my soul, you literary shine the light on the true purpose of DMT and how it can help anyone discover their “True self”. Your like the DMT Guru, all the stuff I came across on DMT as not been this deep, the way you tell your story is amazing! I’m surprise how much you were able to observe and remember.

    I also appreciate you for taking the time to reply to everyone who asked questions. Here where I come from (South Africa) only 3% of the population might know about psychedelics and only 0.5% tried it out so you can imagine how sad it is for me to find someone to share with who has been on this journey and relate. What you have created here really gave me a best DMT knowledge foundation and please keep sharing your wisdom it helps us grow spiritual i wish you’d write a book about it.

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing my experience with DMT but haven’t broke through yet but i’d really appreciate your point of view. What I saw literally made me ask myself what the hell is going on and how undergo such experience like how’s it possible what I’m seeing. The visuals on DMT is fv*kin insane, i had two different trips on different days and it continued like i went back and pressed play. First appeared the trillion coloured HD 3D kaleidoscope that got me hyped. I remember my ego kicking in saying this is some wrongly evil trippy drug then it all became a bit weirdly off like not scary but weird vibe energy kind of feeling like things can get fv*kin scary if I don’t show respect for what I’m about to witness.

    I remember saying to myself maybe I’m meant to have this experience and for a good reason and I was detaching from my thought (ego mind). For each time I gave in and wanted to see more, the more incredible things it showed me. The actual feelings was when i felt connection to my mother it was of pure bliss and unconditional love that filled me up to tears, I never in my whole life felt such strong emotion for that moment that felt infinite it was all that mattered and nothing els. The next thing I remember there were these beings seating in front off me, I my vision being replaced with young beings, i could see full body and the details was super crazy!

    They looked human with human skin colour, hands and all, there was two chicks and a few dudes (I struggle so hard to remember their faces) each had on crazy unique style, they even had different hair cut, super pimped out with crazy colour swag like nothing I’ve ever seen so super cool looking I was very mesmerised but crazy part is it was so insanely realistic i even reached out wanted to touch them. Ever time I’d laughed they laugh too and make this weird funny faces like they were teasing me.

    Other times they reached out their hands to my face and make crazy super cool things with their hand and I’d see insane colourful symbols blasting from their hands into all directions of my vision. Its like everything cool you can imagine into one thing but a million times even better and cooler. I remember the visual fading away I couldn’t stop lagging like they told me the funniest joke then I realized wow all this time I’ve been taking my life so serious, I felt refreshed like I was complete and didn’t need to find a reason to be happy.

    The reason why I think I didn’t break through is because I could still move my body no any out of body sensation only had the full on visuals, however I want that full break through. – What’s the difference in terms of mind perception & body sensation? – Are you able to remember the person you are in this life or you get brain washed and forget every thing you know about yourself? –

    Do you feel and see when your consciousness leaves the body? – When your consciousness has shifted to another dimensions are you able to process your thought if you wanna interact with another beings? –

    How do you feel when your fully connected to your higher self? – Does this life have less meaning to you knowing there is somewhere els better and special waiting on you? –

    Why do we need to progress in the afterlife after completing our life task if we are already everything in our highest form? –

    Do we have a choice to reincarnate? – And is there a reason why I encountered the same beings or was it coincidence? Please I’d really love to to know your views on what you think please please or email I’d greatly appreciate your answers.

    Peace and Love everyone

    1. That sounds like a wonderful experience you had 🙂

      There were two parts, the soul and body, going up. Once there the soul takes over but the brain is still connected. My soul was receiving the tens of thousands of answers, my brain tried keeping up for a millisecond and then gave up. My brain saw all the answers but had no way to process it. I remember the ones that I… hmmmm, how can I describe it? I remember the ones I… flagged as important. Some answers were impossible to understand on the return but the visuals/emotion for the answer are still with me.

      I wasn’t “fully connected”. It felt like I was a fragment of the self, kind of like a soul fragment. I knew I was close by. It felt like the “I” was too busy being me to be able to wake and see me. I have a feeling that there is another here from the same me. I wasn’t told that, just a hunch from what happened there.

      I have refrained from answering your next question all these years. I know the fall out I will receive from giving this answer will be immense and will likely prevent some from seeing my words. The time seems right. I will post your question and then give the answer. It is a brief answer and one that I am unlikely to ever expand on…

      Why do we need to progress in the afterlife after completing our life task if we are already everything in our highest form?

      My answer: To experience what you/we create.

      If you are drawn to, and I mean deeply drawn to a location, an area, a cliff, a beach, a field, a hill, a sound, some part, or something of this world… Smile, for that deep pull is likely to be your part of this creation that we all experience and create. If you just got goosebumps reading that, you already know where or what that is.

      1. Hi Simon,

        I’ve not read or come across a despription of a DMT or other type of similar realisations anywhere. They touched and have already changed my life. I have not had DMT, but I understand as much as I can.

        I got goosebumps reading your answer (like I did with a lot of your writing) but I don’t feel necessarily pulled towards a certain place or something in this world…except for following this path I am on. How do I find that place? I imagine it will ‘show’ itself when I am ready?

      2. Simon, one more question from me. For the moment. Why do we die before completing our purpose? Is that because we went way off course that is no rectifying it?

      3. Hi Simon,
        Not sure if you still answer these posts but I’ve been looking into DMT for a few months now. I’m not committed to trying it as it seems like a leap you really need to be prepared for, regardless as to whether you can actually be prepared for what’s in store. I’ve heard of some bad trip stories and coupling that with the raising of a Father who instilled the fire and brimstone Christianity in our household it’s added to my apprehension.

        I ended up trying to leave the Religion, as rather than draw me towards it, it made me fearful and feeling I was unworthy. Over the years I’ve tried to find answers in my own right, reading about different religions, looking into quantum mechanics, NDE’s, philosophy (Alan Watts and a few others) yet due to my up bringing I’m not able to fully shed the views of a vengeful God that would allow us to be punished.

        I suppose what sort of belief did this leave you with as far as Gods relationship to the major religions of the world, are they correct? Were they put here as sort of obstacles to overcome, such as the belief that God is angry, vengeful, or incapable of forgiving us?

        Appreciate the response.

        1. Hi Curt, Yes I still do reply but not as often. I do get there eventually 🙂

          I’ve read about a handful of bad experiences as well. My personal thoughts are that something else was the factor in instigating the said experience. Doing this drunk or drugged would play a part. Three of those I’ve heard about were on something else when they took it. If you took a large dose of morphine or LSD you wouldn’t be able to drive normally because you’d be heavily impaired. The same issue would go for this.

          Religion isn’t an obstacle, it is part of an experience, call it a safety net for those who need it.

  8. Hi ! I loved your article. I just went to an Ayahuasca retreat. I didn’t breakthrough, I felt some amazing things and it was beautiful but then, I started to have questions and your article begun to answer some of them. I have some questions, if you can answer them (or try to) it would be very nice for me ! Just to let you know, one of my intention during my Ayahuasca ceremony was « How life after death is possible » ? And then, I felt that I was made from energy, everybody, the world, everything was energy, vibration, frequency. And so, how could it die ? That was… Waouh ! But then, there is my questions :

    – When you where at this place, did you, also, understood how everything works. I mean, how consciousness is, what is made off, what are we, how everything was possible, how a Universe (or a conscious) is created ? I don’t want you to try to explain that to me (I know it’s really complicated to put words on this), I just want to know if you understood it, like, is there still mystery in this place or no, everything is clear and we already know everything ? And that’s why it’s full of love and joy, because we just know and are so happy to live, create, experience all together, like a huge family.

    – You said “she took my hand”, do we still have a “body” after we die ?

    – In the place where we came from (but we totally forgot about), is there… a structure ? Like, is there forms ? A shape of the soul ? Can we « feel » the energy, is there any structure ? Or… things like homes or things like that ? I know it must be difficult to describe it, but I’m wondering if this place is also… I don’t know how to put it in words… if it has a structure.

    – Is there also the soul of the animals, the plants, and everything that’s live ?

    – And a technical question, just wondering… every energy have a conscious ? Like… conscious and the energy we use to create things are the same or different ? For exemple, the metal we use to do a car have a conscious, a soul ? When we transform it, it’s a “dead” energy ? Like… in one side there is an energy with which we create and, on the other side, “us”, the conscious, soul or whatever. But I imagine that our soul is also made of energy… so that’s not very clear to me. Do you have the answer ? Do we have the answer when we are on the other side ? I know this is really “human” questions, mental question. The part of us who want to understand everything but I still wonder…

    – And so… what came first, the conscious who created energy (matter) or the energy (matter) who created the consciousness ? Not sur if my questions are very clear… sorry about that ! Good luck to understand hehe.

    That’s all ! Thank you, I’m curious, maybe trying to understand a little better how the Universe (and us) works. Also, I have a feeling that our Universe is not the only one. Like… if it can happen once, it can happen… always. I like that idea that we are multiple Universes experiencing, living and everything. A giant family !

    1. I could ask tens of thousands of questions at once and get all the answers all at the same time… it felt like the scale to digest it all was infinite. There were no limitations to it. That alone made the experience utterly incredible. Nothing quite like a total impossibility to kick reality in the nuts 😉

      I felt that the only mystery there, was the complete experience you’ll have when returning here. The outline was known, the challenges were set. How that was going to unfold was a mystery and that made it SO exciting. We think that we would never have chosen our life if we had the choice. It is precisely because we do have that choice that we do chose the life we’re living now. A perfect life, over and over and over and over again, would be SO boring, don’t you think? Would you not want to push yourself even further after each life? I know I would. The Golden age would have been fun… but boring over time.

      No, not structural. The hand was for my benefit to keep me there. Astonishment brings you back, they can help you stay there for those several minutes if that is what you wish.

      We are getting closer to answers to energy but the more micro and macro we go, the more it will play peek-a-boo with us. Look at quantum tunnelling and quantum entanglement if this interests you, both are fascinating fields!

      Your last question I don’t have an answer. I saw how the universes are created and I saw where energy is “created” but there is no way of explaining it. I know you’ll smile if you ever observe/feel it 😉

      1. Thanks so much for your answers. Of course these experiences are not easy to explain with words. But it confort me to know that somewhere we know ans understand everything.

        But, how do we recognize the other soul ? I understand we are all from the same source and so all connected, a part of the whole. But, visualy, how can you see other soul and so interact with them.

        And How do we create everything. We must have… A kind off “body” or shape. No ? I’m very curious about that because I felt sometime like I was going out of my body and I felt like I have my own structure but this one could be transformed. Like my conscious is a buld and she can transform around her her light. And have the form she wants. And with the light create energy, and with all the other bulds create everything (planets, bodies, etc.) That make sens to you ?

        Yes ! Sometime I think life is so fucking hard but then I think : “imagine all of this is just a game and in reality with a big R everything is ok, love and joy and perfection… Won’t you want to push yourself to discover what you are capable to do ? And enjoy to experience bodies with all your Big family of souls ? And the answer is yes !”.

        Answome ! I just wanted to know if you Saw that. I understand you can’t describe it but that Amazing. But at the end WE all know that we just forgot about it ! And… Maybe that the fun to try to remember !

        I will check that. Not sure I will understand because I’m not very good in physics. But I’ll try.

        Thanks again for your time and answers. They really help me/us on our journey !

        1. The first thing that gets ripped from you is all reference points. Time, space, dimension; everything that can put the experience into words and context has gone. Asking how do you see another soul seems so simple to explain but it becomes rather difficult when there are no reference points. Nicola Tesla once said ‘If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. That is as close to an answer as I can give using words.

          We have structure here, but not there. We have a kind of structure there but it isn’t as you might imagine it.

          You and the other people here, are rare and lucky. I have never met anyone in real life who has wanted to know the answers we seek. The experience will remove all doubt but there is also comfort in knowing about this possibility. So few ever get this far…

          1. Okay. I think I “understand”. I really understand that my brain can’t understand but a part of me can. Maybe, if I continue working with Ayahuasca she will show me and I’ll Come back with more peace that I would Share with… The most people I Can, like you do !

            Yeah… Why are we all far away from each other ? I would love to have those discussion face to face with people but when I trie they tell me : “why do you care ? Why do you want to know ? Just live your life”.

            I’ll continue my journey, trying to reconnect with joy with how I really am and maybe help other to do the same and live a life more connected and with more love (and we need that). Maybe that’s why people like you, me and everyone who try to find the “true”, are here. But, first, I still have some personal issues to work with !

            Anyways, I’m so happy to find people like you. Thanks you for all your answers. I think now I need to experience it (while I’m on this body), To remember and, maybe, be more helpfull… I don’t know why I want so much to remember. I think it’s a part of my journey, like a call. If I succeed I could really help other souls that are living the same struggle than me. Good Luck to everyone who has the same path !

            Much love to everyone !

          2. Oh yeah. Just one last question. There, it is full of colors ? I had a dream one day very different from my usual Dreams. I just remember this place with lots of colors and some people (I don’t remember what they look like I just know I wasn’t alone) trying to explain me something. When I woke up I had a feeling that I understood something but I don’t really know what. It really felt that wasn’t just a dream. And this place seems so beautiful. I never had a dream like that. So… That’s why I’m wondering if this place is also full of amazing colors. That’s my last question ! Thanks you.

          3. The place before the other place is full of colours… and patterns connecting everything together. The colour on the other side is more ‘living’ than structural.

  9. Really though what is the point and how is this comforting? Firstly what if you don’t want to ‘live’ multiple times? What if you just want to stay ‘there’? Also if you have to go through every life not remembering any of the experiences you’ve had and not remembering your ‘true’ form, I assume until the moments you are back there before your next life – what is the point? I don’t find comfort in what you’ve said although I really want it all to be true. Like someone with alzheimers doesn’t know they have it because they can’t remember what they did before – this is not a blessing or a curse – it just seems pointless.

    1. If you were to enter a boxing ring, to fight against another but… You were wrapped in cotton wool, every part of your body was protected against any type of blow… and your opponent could only hit you with bubbles… would you experience the true feelings of the fight? Would you feel fear, strength, rage, pain? Would you believe you were ever in danger of losing or being in trouble? No, the experience would be so watered down that you wouldn’t gain anything from it.

      If you knew, with every fibre of your body, that nothing could ever hurt you. If you knew life after life what happened when you died, how could you truly experience life to the fullest? We used to know what happened when we died, I feel we just reached the point where we needed to push ourselves further. Knowing the answers prevented it.

  10. I have had several great experiences with DMT. I agree with one of the replies, setting is very important, but there has been few times where I have been in a small room and have felt like I was outside in the forest or mountains. I have not been able to open that gate where I have seen other entities, but I have seen other people I have done it with turn into shamans and I have spoken other languages which they also understood and replied to. One of my last experiences was not so pleasant, there was a force that was grabbing me by the neck and wanted to take my soul, apparently it was upset that I knew too much of something and wanted me shut!! I was watching electric sheep at the time so I am not sure if some of the not so pleasant images I was seeing made me experience this dark force. Some of my friends describe me as an amalgam. Truth is I have been able to experience these feeling of dimension bliss, out of body experience and unconditional love thru meditation, I felt at a young age that the answer to everything was within us and we are all god. I consider myself to be a healing light but I have walked very darks paths to get there. I know what my purpose is and I share the knowledge here on earth. Even though DMT can be spiritually fun I don’t think that doing this is the only gate. I speak to angels, they send me signs, I believe in the power of energy and the vortex that once tabbed into you can create anything here on earth. So since those things exist and are part of who we are, channeling without the hallucinate feels more real and vivid as well as the details of the experience.

  11. Hi I have so much to say and so many questions I want to ask you that defiantly will not fit into this comment box.. because I have tried So could you please email me. One thing I will say though is, Thankyou! After spending nearly every minute of the last three day researching DMT I felt like my decision on whether to try it for the first time or not wasn’t becoming any clearer and I was still so torn, that was until reading this on your experience! It’s like you have just put everything into perspective for me and I’m so glad I found this post. But in saying that even though I’ve pretty much eliminated all my conserns, now I possibly have even more questions than before and I have a main few that I think might be better to get answered before I take that leap!

    1. Oh also I have a million questions surrounding this one paragraph…
      “We do choose our parents to some extent… we each have a goal we need to reach when we come into this life. We base the decision of the parents on which parents would help us towards that “goal”. There could be a couple of options for parents or several. We tend to choose the ones that would help us with the “goal” rather than the ones who may be the best parents to raise you.”
      Are you able to go more in depth and elaborate on this? A few questions of the possible hundred that I could ask;; The ‘child’ choosing the parents is that just in relation to their own goal or could that also help to parents to achieve theirs? Do you know how abortions and misscariages fit into this, e.g. If the child is aborted does it then get to go straight back and choose another set of parents? Also does this child’s choosing at all influence the circumstances of two people meeting, I.e. If it’s not a couple that’s say married and rather just a one night stand that results in a pregnancy was that already happening or did that just happen because that’s the male and female that got chosen or is it strictly preconceived couples that they can choose?.. Oh, Is there even really such a thing as fate? I guess there’s a bit of destiny with having said that we have familiars from life to life, but is it true that ‘Everything happens how it’s meant to?’ Thanks and sorry for the list of questions!

  12. I just emailed you about this experience. Please, if you find the time, reply to me even if you don’t answer any of my questions :). I narrated a story I needed to get off of my chest.

  13. The question I cant figure out, is if life on earth is so insignificant and such a small part of the picture, why do we go through all that we do? why do we strive for money, for grades, etc? if we are repeatedly reborn into different lives pursuing different goals, why are some born into abuse? why are some people pure evil and then die, what does that do for them? why do some of us go through months of painful relationships? if there is afterlife and other worlds why do we have to keep being born into this one filled with insignificant experiences, and do you feel you were given an answer to this(even if you cant describe it to me now)? I guess I’m wondering, does all this little stuff eventually matter somehow? because with greater things waiting I cant see how. I can only see that we have to entertain it because thats how we remain in society.

    I highly entertain the idea that we live this life for a reason, and that everything you said is exact. and that its only a materialistic life compared to what else comes after/before/in between. but I just cant understand why then? and if each life here is to reach a goal, but say someone’s end goal is CEO of a company, or a big family, why is this relevant? why aren’t we just passing through this one instead of coming back again. I am awaiting an experience with dmt and hope I get my own answers to these but I haven’t found anyone else wondering similarly. please let me know if you empathize.

    1. From what i’ve gathered after reading Simons experience. Basically we’re higher beings who don’t experience pain, violence, fear, or any negative emotions, so they do this (the current life we’re living) to get a taste of that. So if one life you want to be CEO the next you want to be a drug lord kingpin you could experience those feelings, emotions, and thoughts without consequences to said being. So why someone would chose to be in an abusive relationship, toxic parents, is just our higher beings or whatever the case may be wanting to feel what they can’t feel in their plain (i mean if you felt nothing other than happiness and calmness for a long time i’m sure you’d want to feel something else once in a while). I personally have never done DMT but i have felt some effects similar by digesting cannabis. I saw this shape and it can’t describe it but it felt like it defined existence and i had a lot of question being answered before i could even ask them and my mind was just getting blown back to back then it just didn’t matter. Now i’m not saying my cannabis experience was close to Simons DMT experience but when i read it i did see some similarities. Basically we put ourselves in this plain to do something we don’t know, but we have a purpose so it seems.

  14. Simon,

    I have never found another’s writing that so aptly described my own experiences with breaking through. I too, cried, in my physical body, as I broke through and returned to the Source (as I like to think of it). The feeling of love was all encompassing, I was one and was all of every living thing that had ever been or ever would be. I felt every human emotion, every pain, every worry, ever chain of humanity melt away in an instant. I was joy, pure, indescribable joy and beauty – light, golden, white, shimmering, fabric of the Universe in and around me. When I left that place, and slipped back into my body, the sadness was unbearable. I felt as though I could not live back in my body, having known where I came from, having felt that infinite peace and love. It was absolutely gut wrenching, heartbreaking, shattering. I wept hysterically, yet joyfully, all at once. That was the single most defining moment of my life. I am beyond blessed to have had that experience, to reignite my Soul, to remember my purpose here in life…to find purpose, to achieve my Soul’s goals in this life so that I can move on and move forwards. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hello Kay,

      It does indeed sound like we observed the exact same experience. I am very happy for you and thank you too for sharing 🙂

      1. When you say “There is no hell or damnation if you commit suicide but you will come back and repeat the same experience again and again, life after life until you reach your goal. This will be through choice and not force. You cannot progress if you don’t reach your goal so you will want to keep going at it until you succeed.”

        Do you mean we repeat the exact same life? Like for example my name is Ana. Will I be born again as Ana and relive the same exact life over again if I commit suicide? I’m very curious.

        Also if someone were to commit suicide what happens to what gets left behind? Parents, siblings, family?

        1. No, not the same life. A different life but experiencing and going through the same ‘feelings’ as the previous life.

  15. While my experiences with DMT have been profoundly life changing, there hasn’t been much talk about longevity and the perhaps deeper and more profound work that can be done with orally active DMT in the form of ayahuasca, my work with shamans in the right set and setting are critical in my opinion.

    1. I have one question for you that you might be able to answer. Have you done Ayahuasca that contains strictly N,N-DMT and Aya. that contains strictly 5-MEO-DMT ? I am wondering what the differences are related to effects. Thanks.

      1. I have not but I believe Ayahuasca holds your hand and gentle guides you through your life, whereas DMT shatters reality in an instant and hurls you into the other place.

  16. Hi ! What a wonderfull experience you just had ! May I ask you some questions ? I’ve always been curious about all of this, the soul, universe, afterlife and all. So there is my questions :

    – When you die and come to this place, do you also understand how all of this began ? I mean, how this “whole” existed ? There is a beginning of the Consciousness existence ? Did it feel “magical” to you ? Are there is a “scientific explanation” to all of this ?

    – In this place, could you see the Earth (or other planets) and interact with the souls that are still in their body ?

    – All of this is really born of a energy of love ? Or love is also a creation of our human mind ? Did you feel this place where some people says they felt this unconditional love ? The source of everything ? Did you get this feeling of happiness, sens and joy of our existence ?

    – In this place, did you “see” other soul, what forms do they have ? Could you touch them (I mean, like hug them). And what it looks like ? Full of colors, dark, or like an other Earth ?

    – We are all a part of the whole, that make sens to me. But, do you still our individuality ?I understand that all we experience may serve to everyone, but are we unique in our own way ? Can we “disappear” if we go back to the whole ? Or we are like babies of the whole, brought to life and creating the Universe all together ? So we are all connected but never “alone” (because everybody speak of THE Consciousness, or A God, A Spirit, and if we are a part of it, it mean that we are all the same “person” ? Or we came from it and now we are a soul connected to everything (like a baby is a part of his mother and his father, but he have is own individuality).

    – I know a friend who did Ayahuasca several time and saw other civilisation, other body than the human one, can we choose also in what planet we want to go ? And in what kind of body (extraterrestrial, plant, animal…?).

    – What about the souls, entities that still in Earth ? Why didn’t they go to this place and still in earth like damned souls ? I though that maybe they wanted to experience that or maybe a soul wanted to experience what is feel like to see “ghost” or be possessed and they made a souls contracts to do it ? I want, and I tend to believe that darkness isn’t real, and we always return to light and love because that is our truth nature.

    – A friend of mine (and I read that in a lot of article) said that our experience on Earth is one of the best experience a soul can have and also one of the more difficult, do you agree with that ?
    And, to be clear, when you die, there is no longer place for doubts, fears or those feelings when you’re human ?

    – Final question, I understand that all time are, somehow, connected. But, for example this life on Earth is linear. If I die tomorrow, can I reincarnate in the past (like, in 2000), or no, Earth is like a human body, she’s alive and you can reincarnate yourself only in the future. And that’s why we should take care of the Earth ? We cannot change the past ?

    That’s it ! I had a lot of questions but it’s hard to find answers. Maybe one day I will take DMT and “remember that I already remember !”.
    Anyway, good job that you’ve done, continue that way I’m sure it will help people to understand and remember how they really are ! And how awesome this is all ! Again, thank you a lot.


    1. I love your questions
      My answers are my experience. I’ll answer the first question with “for me…” but please pretend that every answer starts the same way…

      – When you die and come to this place, do you also understand how all of this began?
      Initially for me, no. When I asked questions I was told to just remember. When I understood that I could ask several thousand questions at once, and I could get all the answers back at the same time, and digest every single answer, it was the most remarkable part of the experience for me. The impossibility of that part of the experience made me know, without any doubt, that this was real.

      In this place, could you see the Earth (or other planets) and interact with the souls that are still in their body ?
      Before I broke through I could see earth but not as we see it. Everything was pure energy and you could see how it all connects. I saw the grid around the Earth and saw how planets connect and how it is managed. The concept of being in a ‘precise location’ disappears. I was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I couldn’t interact with other souls because I wasn’t in a central place.

      We are all a part of the whole, that make sens to me. But, do you still our individuality ?
      Without each drop of water in the sea there cannot be an ocean. Each droplet could remain in the ocean, rise up to help form a cloud, freeze into ice, become a snowflake or a dew drop on a blossoming flower. One day, the drop will return to the ocean and start another adventure. There are many possibilities for a drop of water on this planet. We have infinitely more possibilities. Always connected but always having new individual experiences (that are also assisting others).

      A friend of mine (and I read that in a lot of article) said that our experience on Earth is one of the best experience a soul can have and also one of the more difficult, do you agree with that ?
      Your question above this is kind of the same thing so I’ll answer both here with a video. Alan Watts was an incredible human being but this video answers it more clearly than I could:

      If I die tomorrow, can I reincarnate in the past (like, in 2000)
      It’s a question that no-one ever asks. I am impressed you have! It was one of the questions I asked. Time is not linear, except for this experience. Space and time are connected. Look into quantum entanglement and how all points are connected and how each point can communicate outside of time and space. We are getting closer to proving the answer I received.

      1. Thanks man ! I love yours answers. It must be incredible to live that (well, we all already lived that again and again ! It must be nice to really remember that during your human experience).

        So, it’s impossible to have doubts or fears when you experience it ? It’s like remembering how everything is ok and how great it is !? Must be nice, this must help you in your life. This place may be the “Nirvana” Bouddha speak off ?

        Okay, it make sens. After all, our body is pure energy, but energy condensed so it look like matter. I once took LSD and I saw a grid around the Earth, a grid who looked like beehive. Isn’t it scary to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time ? If you had more “time”, do you think you could interact with somebody by thinking of this person and go see her ? People said they can interact with deceased, a drop of the ocean, returning to the ocean but who can still interact with another drop living her experience !

        Okay, I see it. So we are this drop, we have our individuality, and we are but experiencing a lot of different states with our other drop friends. And new drop of ocean join us, over and over again, and the Universe experience over and over again… everything. There is no limit. Juste a lot of drop having fun together (I like this idea).

        Great video of Alan Watts ! We are living a dream, but he’s real because we will keep in our soul his memory and what we experienced. But in the hand, everything us ok, for everyone.

        Okay, so Earth and life on earth is linear. We created this place to be like this. But yes, past interact with the present and the present with the future. Everything is linked together.

        Someday, I had this king of “vision” (may I say), of how universe was organized. Like there is those “matter” worlds, where Earth is, and the other planet. It’s the matter space. Then there is the energy space (where our soul go). But there is several level, a first one where you can easily interact with the matter space. And another where you go to the place you’ve been. Where you remember everything and where you decide if you want to reincarnate or no. Or maybe, has a soul, help to create new worlds, new planets. A place where we give life to our creativity and where is peace and love.

        Well, this is a very complex Universe that we live in, anyway, to our human brain to understand. I think we just need to trust it, trust that everything is perfect and born of love and peace.

        Thanks again and you should, one day, write a book on your experience (or maybe find someone to design it, I think maybe a good drawing could explain better than any words !).

        Have a nice day.

        1. I could much more easily interact with others who were between lives, than those who were living. Once I broke through, I’m not sure I could even get back to the matter based experience to interact with the living. you know you’ll see them again anyway so you don’t miss those living or those who have passed.

          Here, on this planet, you are close and maybe love, with all your heart, one or a few people. There, you love everybody in equal measure because there is no hierarchy and you are all having the same experience. Some haven’t been doing it as long as others, but even then, there is no hierarchy. Those just starting are as equal as someone who has had hundreds of lives. We are all there for each other. The person who has given you pain and suffering in this life, you will love again, for the experience you requested and they gave you. There are small groups that tend to assist each other between lives but even then, there is no extra love because everyone is in it together and everyone is helping each other.

          In our universe, matter cannot be created nor destroyed. We live within a bubble of endless possabilities but one which has rules. Creation is fun (you see it and try it), experiencing the creation is just as fun. How far can we push ourselves? We had the golden age when everything was good. We had the Dark ages where it was mostly bad. Today we have a mixture. Almost like the good and bad has been evened out for us to have the benefits of both.

          This is a truly remarkable time to be alive…

          1. Hi ! Sorry, it’s been a long time. Thanks man for this, just sound awesome !

            One last question : how does’t it feels to be without body ? Have you still one (of pure energy) ? Like.. Can you “touch” the others souls ? And the place you go, it is a place ? Like… there is cities, or some decoration ? Or you’re just “into the air”. Just wondering…

            And, did you see where souls came from. You talk about the young one, how do they come to life ? It’s like a new drop of the ocean getting out of the ocean and beginning to live in the matter ? Must be incredible… I wonder how all of this begin.. Well, maybe I know, juste don’t remember !

            Thanks for sharing all of this, maybe one day I will try DMT and see by myself (or I’ll see it when I die).

          2. There is no him, her, this, that. A drop in the ocean is exactly how I felt. A small piece of the whole but the whole is all joined together. The need for individuality is an earth thing, you need it to experience the created.

            Where new souls come from is an interesting question but not one where I can use words to describe. That answer has to be experienced.

            When I came back I came back with 20% of the visuals and maybe 10% of the knowledge. That experience alone, of the knowledge leaving you as you return, is incredible! It’s an experience we have all felt once before… the recollection made the journey back easier and with a smile. Of those percentages, maybe 0.5% has words that I can use to describe it.

            As I’ve said before, because what I observed is so far beyond what my own mind could create, I am at peace.

          3. Oh, okay. So hard to imagine with our little brain but I think that we just have to be confident and trust all the awesomeness of the Universe and there is nothing to worries. Thanks man. You should try to write all of this down, I’m sure it would be amazing.

  17. Hi my name is Adam. I’ve been a Muslim my whole life. I denounced it when I realized I had to scrutinize it even it was the “real truth” I couldn’t just keep following blindly. I did research and removed much doubt from my mind. I believe in prophets and messengers and I believe as the prophet told us that there were 10’s of thousands messengers all throughout times that were “sent” to all regions of the earth. I take Islam simply to be a language to express the ineffable and I believe that all “religions” point toward the same “thing”. I believe in an afterlife already without having experienced it. I’ve connected too many dots to not believe in it and as well as Angels and other beings. I definitely feel I’m being forced to learn patience. But I’m still at times in such a feeling of lostness. I want to experience Allah (means that which is NOT God FYI) I want to know the answers as the prophets did (even though I’m no one to ask for such a great gift) but did not want to take any shortcuts. I feel that maybe DMT should be endogenously released the way it was naturally designed to. But it is a hard path and sometimes I just wanna take a couple huge tokes of DMT to get me on my way lol. Anyway I don’t really know what I’m asking but I just WANNA KNOW EVERYTHING lol. I have many flaws in my character especially lack of patience so I guess that’s why these patterns keep repeating. What do u think of Islam after having experienced what u experienced? Would u recommend someone like me doing DMT? Or do u think prayer/meditation the natural way is sufficient? Or is physical death itself supposed to be the revealing moment of truth? Are Adam and Eve a pair of beings that started this cycle of creation but the cycle always creates over and over again? Muslims say that we r “of the LAST Adam”. Please give me any insight that u can. Very interested and thank u for ur service to humanity for creating this website and sharing ur beautiful experiences everyone!!

    1. Only you can know if you’re ready for the experience. I would never tell anyone to take it because I could never truly know how ready that person is.

      Our bodies break down the enzyme if you digest DMT. Extracting DMT is a difficult process. I believe it is a key that reveals itself once it becomes needed (now or some point in the future). Everything is against this knowledge. I’ve never personally met anyone who has heard of DMT. It was widely used in the distant past but now is kept hidden away and even our own bodies try to prevent us from experiencing it.

      DMT is a cheat-code, an easter egg in the game of life…

    2. I will say, if you want to know everything. It is there. But if you feel at all unworthy, you will quickly not let yourself look at it. This is why we don’t remember our between lives. Make your life on earth optimal in accomplishing your goals. what do you want out of life on earth? Then once you get there. Try dmt if you’d like. You can’t be afraid to part from your body.. “You just gotta let it. ” when it happens.

  18. Not planning on taking any substances that I do not have to. But I have been reading about this for various reasons and have a question. From some accounts of the experiences on DMT I have found that the wondrous return home that you describe, if you keep returning (i.e. persist in using DMT), suddenly morphs into most unimaginable torture. I am sceptical as to how much of our afterlife is light and how much of it is proportionately dark by nature. Any experiences with reaching the other portion of the outer realm? Thanks!

    1. If you read accounts from the few people with negative accounts, you should find a correlation of drink/drug use while taking DMT.

      DMT is not a toy or something you take for giggles. Your mind has to be focused and clear or the experience gets diluted or altered.

  19. Hi,

    I’m a french girl (28 years old). Sorry if my english isn’t really good, I’ll do my best. This post is old, but maybe you could help me. I tried LSD, mushroom with the idea of doing some kind of therapy. I’ve also done a lot of therapy because I’ve always wanted to improve myself. But on night, I took marijuana (I don’t smoke, it was juste like that, to help me get some sleep in a moment of my life where I was stressed). But I lived a bad trip, I travelled hell because all my deepest fears revealed to me. And above all, the fear of death. I knew one day I would die, but in my mind, somehow, I could avoid it. And then I realized that someday it will happen, no matter what. I lived hell because some part of me didn’t go back. I did a lot a therapy to go through it, experiencing other past lives, and I met a woman who do shaman healing. She told be that a part of my soul live my body that night because my fear was too big. Since she bring this part to me, I feel much better.

    Then I asked myself tones of tones of questions. I believe in reincarnation, but something in it really scared me. What would it be my next life ? Do we live eternity ? But what’s the eternity ? I don’t know how to feel about that… And when people say that all we live is an illusion, is that truth ? But do we exist for real ? I mean… When we die, do we go in a place where other consciousness are ? I’m afraid to “be alone”. I hope we keep in touch with the people we love is this life. How does all of it work ?

    And are you 100% sure that we continue living when we die ? Are we living in a different world with some sort of body or juste energy/thought ? Sorry, I have so many question. I have DMT in my home but I don’t feel ready to try it. I lived 2 months of hell and then 3 weeks of pure extase where everything seems to have sens. Everything was perfect. I knew that all matter was to live your life 100% with kindness and love.
    When I asked what the point of life ? I had this answer : “the point of life is to BE”. When I asked, where is the reality ? The answer was : “Where your consciousness are”. Then I tried to understand how all of this work, I told to myself “You don’t know how to create a computer, so how can you understand the Universe ?”.

    Today I’m little better, but a passed through suicidal thoughts. I was so scared of it (I’m still a little scared), that I was thinking “If I need to die someday, why wait ? I will know what’s next, something or nothing, and I won’t have to struggle with the pain of losing the people I love”. But I know that life is precious, so I want to get over that fear and live my life in is fullness.

    Maybe could you have some info that could help me a little more ? I know a lot of people who tried Ayahuasca and all. All of them tell me that life is precious, that it continues after. It never stop because the Universe is life itself. And your consciousness go from a world to another, and you always choose what you want to experience. But the idea of infinity scares me a little. Are we never tired of it ?

    But in the other hand, I really hope there is something after because dying and nothing. It would be… a little sad.

    Thank you for reading me, I hope we could talk more !

    1. Hello Celine,

      It sounds like you’ve gone through a lot. I hope you’re okay now? I have been in recovery myself after a major op so I haven’t been able to reply to this comment until now. I apologise!

      It has now been several years since I had DMT and broke through. In all those years I have shared that experience with just three more people I know personally. None of them could grasp or understand what I was trying to explain. I realised after the third person that this has to be experienced, it cannot be told. This reply is mostly aimed at others who have been through the experience so we can smile together at how I try (and struggle) to pen my answers 🙂

      “Am I 100% sure that death isn’t the end?”
      Yes! What I saw was beyond anything my mind could create. What I witnessed was so far outside of anything I could comprehend, it could only be created by something outside of myself and outside of anything this universe could create.

      “I believe in reincarnation, but something in it really scared me. What would it be my next life ?”
      We think of a hard life as something bad. Would you not be bored if every life, over and over and over, was perfect? In this life I like to push myself. I see no reason, while choosing my next life, why I would want to make my next life easier than this one. I am quite sure I will push it even harder to see how far I can go. Your next life would be at a difficulty level you would have chosen beforehand. There is nothing scary about your next life, you will have chosen it.

      “And when people say that all we live is an illusion, is that truth ?”
      My answer to this one would take up too much time and text 😉

      “When we die, do we go in a place where other consciousness are ?”
      Yes but there is a caveat to that answer. Initially whatever your beliefs were during your life is what you will initially see. If you believed in the gates of heaven, that is what you’d see. If you believed in the light at the end of the tunnel, that is what you see. Initially death will be whatever you thought it would be so it doesn’t frighten you. Slowly where you really go will be revealed. If you go there with a completely open mind you forgo that initial experience.

      “I have DMT in my home but I don’t feel ready to try it.”
      You will know when you’re ready. Please don’t take it until you 100% KNOW!

      “When I asked what the point of life ? I had this answer : “the point of life is to BE”. When I asked, where is the reality ? The answer was : “Where your consciousness are”. Then I tried to understand how all of this work, I told to myself “You don’t know how to create a computer, so how can you understand the Universe ?”
      It is difficult for us to understand. Our bodies are very limited. Once there all limitations are gone and you understand EVERYTHING! Coming back you can even feel the process of the limitation happening. It was an amazing experience. I can still SEE many of the answers but I have no way of describing them.

      “Today I’m little better, but a passed through suicidal thoughts…”
      My main task in this life was to get past that point of suicide. I failed in my last life and ended my life. I came straight back to live another life with those suicidal thoughts and feelings again. This time I broke through it. I even wonder if I had these afterlife experiences towards the latter stages of my life BECAUSE I had completed my main task? I believe completely that by committing suicide you will come back again and again until you complete that task. There was SO much synchronicity with regards to my previous life. There is no question I know who I was in the life before and I came back within months of dying in the previous life.

      I hope that helps.

      1. PLEASE HELP ME. Im 16, i have been raised christian my whole life. I watched this man named final call on youtube who essentially believes that if you sin, if you disobey God/Jesus ect. you will go to hell. Im just now starting to look into other religions, because i can’t correlate A loving God to Eternal hellfire. That’s what most christians believe. So i just wanted to say that i REALLY believe with all my heart that im GOING TO HELL when i die. Im positive. But the only hope i have is that everything i’ve grown up believing is wrong. But my MAIN question is if i ever took DMT, with the belief that if i died i would go to HELL would that be my experience. Would i experience being burned alive, because that’s what i believe would happen. You were saying earlier that when you die you experience whatever you believe will happen, so does that mean when i die, i will go to hell because that’s what i believe. Im TERRIFIED of that thought, the thought of hell TERRIFIES me, and i have ocd to so i can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve never been so afraid to die.

        1. You are frightened because of your belief. I also could not correlate a loving God to eternal hellfire. It made no sense to me either.
          What you first experience when you die is brief. It would be much more shocking for us to die and it be nothing like we expected. We would be slower to accept the truth without us first being ‘shown’ exactly what we believed to be true. It will quickly pass so don’t worry. You are very young and beliefs can change. Please do not worry about this.

  20. I had my first experience this weekend iv been pondering and questioning reality for as long as I can remember looking back into my childhood afterwards I realized iv been doing it since birth
    I have lived this life so many Times I had this feeling coming from my higher self if had had to put that into the form of a conversation it would be this ( dude why are you here you already figured this out on your own you have a mission get back to it) the scary part about that is everything I saw and all the knowledge that passed through me during the experience I already knew. Afterwards I began writing again I got about 30 pages I when I realized why I already knew all this and then why I’m going to have to do it all over again i have to write this book before I ever have my dmt expoerience there is something key in the writing style that won’t take place until I do that I’m content and find peace in knowing but am frustrated that I didn’t compete my mission hopefully next time I post here it will be after I write my book but before my smut experience if I may not need it by then

  21. Thank you for sharing this experience. This is closest to the experience I had several years ago, an experience that truly altered the course of my life forever and shook me to my very core, challenging all my beliefs, fears, hopes and dreams.

    When I was sixteen my mother died of brain cancer. Less than 5 years later, at age 21, I lost my father very unexpectedly. To say that I lived life with a pessimistic and cynical view would be a real understatement. There are no words to describe the hell I lived in, and the darkness and despair that followed me throughout my days was like a being that lived to torment me…or so I felt. I believed when you died, that was it. Nothing more, nothing less. I had no idea of heaven, hell or life after death of any kind.

    My only breakthrough experience with DMT projected my soul through the barrier into what I could only describe as heaven afterwards. I did not have the pleasure of experiencing the higher beings I have heard about, but I did return home. I was in a world of light. Everything was the purest, most beautiful light…I say I was in but really I WAS the light, as the light was me. I felt the connection of my soul to every single thing that had ever lived, to everything that was or would be. I felt filled with a love that was greater than words could describe, a love more powerful, more encompassing, more “other” than I had ever known. It was the single most happiest time of my life. Every fear, every loss, every ounce of pain and tragedy I had ever known simply faded away in a single moment. Time was irrelevant. I had no care for my human desires or memories. I felt so full, alive and content. Utter happiness – the kind that is impossible in human life. When I started to pull away, back into my body – I remember feeling a sensation of terrible loss and fear. I did not want to leave and my soul almost seemed to be clawing at the light as it faded away and I was thrown back through the dark space into my body once more. When I first felt the sensation of being back in my body I heard someone crying out…it took me a few moments to register that it was I who was crying out. I was sobbing; so awash with joy and heartache that it would be impossible to try and explain. All I know is the sense of loss I felt was so staggering in that moment, the loss of my home, the loss and longing for the place I came from, the place I belonged. Since that day, my life has been profoundly different and my connection to my soul and to the life of all others continues to grow in intensity and love. Thank you again for sharing your story.

    1. A beautiful post and thank you so much for sharing! I can relate to much of what you say about the joy, the purest love and loss of all negative emotions!

      1. I did lsd when I was a teenager. I had never heard of DMT until I came across your website. I had a dream recently where I was in Heaven waiting for my next assignment on Earth. I remember being very excited about it and couldn’t wait to find out if I was going to be a boy or a girl and what I was going to learn. When I woke up, I was so sure that it was really how life worked, that we are all here to learn lessons. A couple of years ago, I lost my father and sister. My sister and I were so close that I feel like a part of myself was lost. Since then, I have had little interest in life. All the things you seem to have experienced with DMT, I have come to believe in my own life. But I’m afraid to try a drug since all my past lsd experiences were pretty bad. Do you know of anyone who had a bad experience?

    2. A strong enough dosage of DMT will enable you to “break through”. Through my experiences with DMT, smaller doses of DMT are more akin to a very visual and realistic dream. High doses of DMT are unlike anything you could possibly dream of or imagine. Like instead of seeing things in 3 dimensions of l x w x h everything is going in any direction it wants in extreme detail like an enormous fabrege egg or sea of geometrical chrysanthemums while feeling completely out of body. Truly a glimpse of something greater than we could possibly imagine. Maybe the afterlife or breaking past the consciousness that attaches us to the reality we are allowed to see.

    3. I am very interested in what you and Simon have to say. I have never done DMT, but its very much intrigues my soul. I will wait till it finds me, but I don’t know how people get ahold of it. I have other questions if you could email me.

      Your experiences sound so calming and I can’t even explain how I feel about reading them; I feel a connection towards what you two are saying. If like to find out more about it. So please email me!

        1. Dear Simon… A huge thank you for your service to humanity… I’m a Hindu so all these things are told to us with many actually holding and working accordingly these beliefs… (Not here to boast 😉 But seeing so many people having similar experiences affirms it and helps me to not loose my shit many a times…hehehe…
          A HHHUUUGGGEEE Thank You for your service… I hope we keep doing it to create ‘this’ world as beautiful and loving as ‘that’ world…

  22. Simeon, thank you for posting this, my name is Dhee Jayy. Im 21m and have been taking lsd for the past 4 1/2 years. After i fell in love with phycadelics i learned of “dmt” and always wanted to take it. This year one of my best friends came across it and brought some to me. Taken it for a month and a half about twice a week and on the last trip i hit a point of dmt on the peak of a very strong lsd trip. I did it seaking the ultimate enlightemment, because i trip L for fun and enlightment. I ripped all my dmt out of a 3 foot bong and tripped off of a sheiva meditating tapestry with all the chakras aligned down the middle of her body. Show was black shadow figure.. the backdrop was solid purple and the chakras where white. When i exhaled the dmt hit sheiva turned into a solid bronze male about 6’4, buff with a red stripe about 2 inches wide going down the middle of his hole body from head to toes. Stood up and said “you are going to die, what will you do?” .. i tried everything. This big a*ss dude is standing in front of me and i cant hit him, run, nothing. A 13 sec. Countdown appears and before it hits zero i realized that he is “god” (im agnostic. I would like to tell you why later in a more private conversation and id like to hear what you have to say about it.) But i realize he is “god” and it hits zero. Everything around me goes black and the man turns into a giant beautiful orb of white light with a white misty aura steaming off of it. For a while in my mind im freaking out because i noticed i couldnt move i had that same feeling of my soul being ripped out of my body and it was. I didnt have a body i was just a counciosness and all i could see was this orb of light. I freaked out cause i didnt want to be dead yet but then i started to feel so peacful and then noticed i can feel the energy from this orb of light. And soon later i realized i was the orb of light. But i was seeing myself in third person. And i didnt move because i was in such a trance of the most delightful feelings i could ever imagine. And it was when i accepted being dead was when i was brought slowly back to this mortal realm. I come back still tripping balls and my reality scared me so much i had to force myself to sleep cause i didnt know what just happend. I woke up and started doing research and came to the conclusion that man who spoke to me and told me i was going to die was in fact not “god” but my first physical encounter with my higher self. and by that i mean everytime i was spoken to by voices giving my the knowledge and wisdom i know today was my higher self reminding me of the secrets to life that i had forgotten through birth. I have definatly changed my life for the better because of all the dmt experiences i have ever had and i came across your post helping my come to grips and helped me realize im not the only one who has been to the “afterlife” and i quote unquote stuff because its to broad of a description. I wanted to share my experience with you. Tell me what you think.

    1. I know what you mean and the also the difficulty describing much of it. I would be happy for you to email me to discuss it.

  23. Hi Simon

    So great to read your story!

    I 100% believe this as I have also had a similar experience myself – Growing up I had always been completely open minded and I often experience sleep paralysis, astral dreaming and lucid dreaming, although I mostly keep all of this to myself as my Friends and most of my family would think I am crazy!

    I am a 29 year old female and my experience was two years ago when I was 27. My Experience was with Mushrooms on a small island in south east asia and it has changed my life.

    I could see the world in a completely different light, I had no feelings of sadness or anxiety, I loved every single thing and every single being on the planet, but the strangest thing is I remembered these feelings they were so familiar to me, I had felt them before. I couldn’t stop smiling to myself it was like as if I just remembered, I just knew, without anyone telling me I just absolutely knew that there is an afterlife.

    I felt a God like being all around me who was laughing along with me at the shared joke that there is so much more beyond what we know.

    I even remembered my husband who was with me – I remembered him from this other world but he was actually my guardian in another life, not a lover or husband but more like someone who watched over me.

    The following day my husband said that he had a completely different trip than what I had experienced. He did not feel the God Like being nor did he have any of the spiritual insight that I felt I had been given (he did not come away thinking anything about the afterlife) – He said he just felt that I was a glowing light, some sort of Angel and that he wanted to be as close to me as possible.

    Since then my life has changed a lot for the better I am so much happier and I am not as focused on Material things, but I still have so many unanswered questions and I would absolutely love to try DMT.

    Hopefully this is something I can do in the future – I imagine I will take a lot from an experience with DMT if this is what I experienced with Mushrooms.

    I would like to know your thoughts on our loved ones here in this life, do you think we ever see them again after death and do you think we remember each and every life?

    1. From what I’ve observed we can have up to half a dozen people who follow each other in each life. We all assist each other in the tasks we need to do. These people can be part of your family, your best friend or your worst enemy. Each plays a pivotal part in each life and I don’t believe judging anyone does any good because they all play a part. Good or bad, it is simply lessons and experiences that they play a role in.

      I have three people in this life that I know are part of our group. Two are wonderful people, the third is the meanest, most horrible person I’ve ever met. Now I can only smile at her because her performance in this life deserves an oscar 🙂

      I hope that makes sense 🙂

      1. Hi Simon

        Yes oddly enough it really does make sense 🙂 I think the same as you that we are all here for lessons and experience or maybe even an experiment of human emotions or something like that

        I just wish I knew what I was supposed to be doing!! Did you feel after you did DMT that you knew more about what you were supposed to be doing in this life?

        1. I was like you, didn’t know what I was meant to be learning. I was shown but it should have been obvious anyway. Look for a repeating part of your life. Some type of experience, event or emotion will repeat over and over until you understand what it means and what you’re meant to do. Once understood that experience will never repeat again because you’ve understood what you needed to take from it.

          I had exactly that happening to me, same type of situation, over and over and over. Once I knew what I needed to learn from that situation it stopped and never happened again.

          Don’t look too deep, look for the repeating patterns in your life. If you’ve ever said to yourself “Why does this keep happening to me?”… That’s it! If you don’t have anything like that in your life then you may have already done what you needed to do (but think back through your life to see if there was a pattern). It will be blindly obvious once you realise.

          I had two main tasks in this life, both completed. Failing health started soon after so I know I have done what I needed to do. Now is my time to sit back, help others and enjoy my remaining time this time around 🙂

          I hope that also makes sense 🙂

          1. I am happy for you that you have accomplished what you needed to you and that you now have the peace of knowing this!!

            I wish it was as clear for me!

            It is a beautiful feeling though to know that there really is more out there! I had not really believed until my experience.

          2. I can easily say that i see a clear thing repeating in my life. Its very hard to explain but its the only thing that seems to be constantly, non – stop happening in my life. I would love to explain to you and maybe get some input on your ideas. Maybe email me and we can have a chat!

  24. Since high school onward, I’ve always taken interest, studied and excelled in mathematics, physics and chemistry. As I pressed forward into the understanding of quantum/ theoretical physics, I was taken on such a diverse journey, from the beliefs of our ancient civilisations to theorized current technology suppression. From my first years highschool, my experience, the only way to solve complex equations – best chance of understanding is to disregard teachers/ lecturers and and take our own paths to interpret the facts in your own way because even though, in so many respects, we are the same, we’re also very different, point being that we learn in different ways. It lead me to consciousness, primarily the pineal gland….. DMT was the short cut. Nobody knew what I was up to at this point then DMT was given to me by someone I just met who came from nextdoor and introduce himself while I was at work… weird story. I set my room up accordingly…?, etc.. What it taught me is where’s forward from here. I pushed though to the other… ? The geometric patterns and shapes in sync with the real world, Then the ‘crystal dome’ showing the deception of reality. We’re all so diverse yet we comprehend such a simular experience? Mathematically, It’s real, everything above was accurate but the angels? There was an essence of something there for me. Trying to physically analyse it doesn’t work, words can’t explain it but you understand it. What now? How do you move on from this?

    1. It sounds like synchronicity played a large part in your discovery of this place. So are so right, there are no words but I do understand what you saw. I am quite sure that if quantum physicists took DMT they would find a lot of the answers they are looking for.

      I very much disliked having to use the word angel in my post because that in itself does it no justice and brings up too many connotations which side track what I’m trying to describe. I do know who and what they are. If they didn’t reveal it to you yet maybe the time isn’t right? Mine was very dark purple and dark blue and my soul knew instantly who it was. She helped me answer tens of thousands of questions in those few minutes. An utter impossibility but it somehow happened.

      As to how do you move on, each of us is different. For me it was a complete and total life change where I spend much more of my time in the service of others. I cannot speak openly about it to anyone (not even family) because no-one could understand it. I had already completed my main task in this life before I took it. I am guessing that maybe you haven’t quite done that yet so not everything has been revealed to you? Once you know the answers there are no more risks or fears. The risk and fear will often define the task so removing those will also harm the task.

      When I met her I knew it would be the last time I needed to go there. I needed to find a place that my own mind could not create because I was sure the answers were beyond what I could create. I am eternally grateful that I found what I had spent a lifetime searching for.

  25. Thank you for sharing your experience! I am 19 and dmt came to me just three days ago and the experience was no doubt enlightening. If you or anyone else on this page would like to exchange stories or talk about it feel free to e-mail!
    Love and peace

    1. Hey my name is Brie.
      For sone reason Dmt Does a little bit more than that to me. I video tapped myself doing some. On this trip i had found that we are all living multiple lifes at one. Just in a different demention. Peasle give me your thoughts on this video becouse i Have never seen anything like what mh camera captures here. I

  26. Could you by any means overdose from the drug?

    As ive understood, i need to write down some questions, when im doing dmt, so i can get the answers im looking for in life is that right? if so, could you please give me some good questions about this whole world and universe.

    1. It is very difficult if not impossible to ingest enough DMT through smoke / vapor to overdose. You incapacitate yourself before you get anywhere near that stage. It can be a real struggle of awareness just to inhale the 3 times needed to break-through.

      Personally I wouldn’t write anything down or prepare yourself to ask anything. Just let it take you where it needs to take you. Any pre-conceived ideas can pull you back down. Just relax and observe.

  27. DMT found me on Saturday. I’ve done my fair share of psychedelics and honestly didn’t think much on trying DMT- my friend brought some, but he was scared to go first on the hits so I did – it just felt right. I broke through after two hits and wow. It took me to the depths of hell and heaven. Everything was so vivid, raw and beautiful. I heard voices saying “I’ve been waiting for you” and asking me if there’s something I need to tell her. At first my ego was getting in the way of my trip then I decided to look at it more positively and the gates of heaven opened up to me. I’m still processing this all, but I feel like I know what needs to be done. Fwiw I was at he tailed of an acid trip when I took it which I think prolonged the DMT trip. Would love to chat more if you see this. Glad I found this page.

    1. So difficult to talk about it 🙂 I’ve love to meet someone else who’s taken it just so we can laugh together at the impossibility of it all 🙂

  28. Simon.
    My name is Jake. 38. Libra. Too much to write.
    I grow and extract that of which you talk about.
    I am healthy and sane. My last experience I was shown what to do and what will happen. “the ultimate form of of love, is sacrifice”.
    On my last experience I got a concusion. 11 days ago. I still have headache. All my life I have had this feeling inside me that has kept me safe and has led me to believe that I am to do something of great importance. The feeling is getting stronger to the point off daily nautious. On my last experience in spirit I was going through every extreme moment in my life, ie… Being punched in the face, car crashes, falling In love, falling, smashing my thumb, orgasm, sneezing, child birth etc..
    Well, physical I passed my pants, smashed my head through furniture, destroyed items over my head, and even jumping off a workbench headfirst into the ground.
    In spirit I was doing what is shown in picture. I was about to reach 100% end result….. Suicide while on dmt. Everyone was going to be taken with me. However, there was an interruption.
    Pretend. Please! Pretend for a min that I’m not crazy, that this isn’t something I made up. Pretend you believe me. Now, with that said, the function of the pineal. What if one, because of a calling, under high dose, leaves the physical permanently into spiritual. All in the name of love.
    My life is not bad. I’m very talented, good looking, young, happy, and full of love. It’s not suicide. It’s the ultimate form of love. Sacrifice. I feel it’s going to happen soon.
    This life we all live as a whole has repeated itself over and over. As humans we just can’t get it right. I’m taking everyone with me. We all will reach %100
    If you have time look up Damon t berry on you tube. He has 3 films watch them. Most of all, talk to me. I need your thoughts.
    -jake esparza
    Sacramento CA.

  29. Hi – I just wanted to know if there is ever a feeling of depression afterwards since it works on 5htp somehow? Thank you, Cat

    1. For me it was the complete opposite. Totally life changing but in the most positive way conceivable. Others experiences may vary 🙂

  30. I’m scared about this but it has found me.I so want this and studied along time.It seems to keep coming after my attention.I am 45 and need answers.I feel I have lost my spirituality over the past few years where as before I was deeply.Is this a sign to go for it?Deep down I’m kinda thinking it is time.

    1. You don’t find DMT, it finds you when you’re ready. I know that sounds stupid and corny but it was just like that for everyone I know who’s taken it.

    2. Dear Simon.
      I don’t do drugs as it goes,but like I said before dmt seems to have awakened something inside me.I had never heard of it before.I can get hold of it.I’m not interested in getting high,but this is feeling like a calling.Do you feel this is a sign?I know it sounds like I’m asking for the go ahead.I just want to know if this is similar to how it found you?Peace,love and thank you for your insight!

      1. Hello Derren,
        I don’t do drugs either and it’s now been 4 years since I did it. It is SO difficult to get hold of but I was presented a way once my intent to experience it became focused. It changed everything about my life for the better. No regrets!
        You don’t get ‘high’, what you experience is way beyond that if you break through!

  31. It has been almost 2 years since my 1 and only breakthrough and i think about it still almost everyday. I have a very reliable source of i ever want it again but something deep down in me is telling me no. I dont remember much while in the realm, but i sure as hell remember the feelig of “well this is it…im going to die” in the beginning and the unexplainable beautiful experience of being reborn into my body. Like all of you said, no amount of sophisticated terminology will ever accuratley portray the experience for you until you take that leap of faith. I know i was meant to have that experience. I remember wanting to repeat the experience right away and do it again, but was not able to because i didnt have a source, until about 6 months ago. The urge to dive back in eats at me everyday, but the more i truly think back and reflect the memory of just the physical emotions, i know that i could live the rest of my days in content. You think recieving all of lifes answers will solve all your problems, but it doesnt. You do. I know all the answer and at the very same time, cant fully comprehend it ir explain it. Its rather frustrating but intriguing at the same time. I want to spread this gift to so many people but at the same time, i know alot of people arent ready for it or dont need it in this lifetime. I always ripe on my wife to let me wake her up but she is very proud of her anti-drug conservative christian lifestyle which i completley respect. After 5 years i have realized she is an old soul and does not need to experience it because she has enough spirituality without amplifying it. Me on the other hand, well i have done every drug in the book, ive been to war, ive suffered veryrough trama throughout my life and i am only 25. What does irritate me is that i want to go back but im noticing my fear/anxiety and ego have prevented me. Before my first breakthrough i didnt know what i was diving into but now that i know, its overwhelming to get past that first wave of terror as you “die, EVEN though i know 100 percent after i come down i will be so very grateful that i did hahaha. Idk why i want to go back. I broke through at a point in my life where my relationship was in the gutter. I was battling ptsd and depression with drugs and alcohol as well as making constant poor choices. So i believe dmt truly save my life. Im happuly married, medication free, new home, new career, plenty of support and help but i still want to go back. Is that normal? I know i still have one hell of a physical journey ahead of me but im not worried about like i was before. I apologize for my rant and i do tend to bounce from topic to topic but this is really the first time in my life that i have posted about it on an online thread. This is the only drug i can say im addicted to without physically consuming it. I love being awake and i remember being so cocky inside for like 2 weeks after because i thought inwas better than everyone or that i was special haha. I truly hope the people who are actively seeking this sacred sacrament will achieve their goal and learn the most they can from it. If anybody ever wants to email me to discuss the topic or just to share your experience then please feel free email me. Nomaste

  32. Hello Simon, I’m 14 and from the UK and I am really interested in the afterlife and DMT has been on my mind, from what I have read in the past week’s it seems like DMT has different realms of some sort, but everyone has had a similar experience, people have reported seeing dead friends and relatives in NDE’s and they all get a strong feeling of love and peace and do not wan’t to return back to life, I really would like to experience this sometime in my life, But I feel as if I’m not ready.

    Great article simon!

    1. From my experience you will initially see what you expect to see. If you believe you’re going to heaven or hell that’s what you’ll see. If you expect to see a light at the end of the tunnel or be greeted by deceased loved ones then that is also what you see.

      That will slowly fade as the dramatic feelings of dying fade and you’ll be presented with who you really are and where you really come from. If you are completely open minded you will skip that process.

      14 is far too young to be considering it. Too be honest I don’t think most of the population should take it. Once you do it will change everything. If you have anything left you need to experience then this will strip away the raw risks and emotions of it.

      An example of what I mean: If you do a bungie jump you heart still races because there is only a piece of rope between you and the ground. DMT would be like doing that jump but having a dozen ropes attached, being completely wrapped in bubble wrap and have the ground covered in cotton wool. In the latter case most of the raw experience has been negated because the risk is now almost zero.

      If you knew, without question, that no matter what happened in this life you’ll be fine… could you really learn anything?

      My advice is that if you want to try it make sure you know in your heart you have done everything you needed to do in this life first.

      1. I am 14 years old and my uncle took this and he feels the same way everybody else does in the afterlife… hard to say but I do not believe in God and this was just recently that I haven’t been believing in him but I have so many questions and thoughts to why I don’t believe in him. I am obviously not going to take DMT but if I ever do in the future I would be scared because i don’t believe in God so what would I see since u said “if u believe in hell u will see hell and if u believe in heaven u will see heaven” now what if u don’t believe in any of those ? and my reason I don’t believe in that is because I have never seen God and all these stories of the bible saying “he created this world” but then there’s the Big Bang theory. and like if u need 2 people to make another human how did God even get on this planet and how did he have kids ?? like trust me I’m only 14 and I wanna go to heaven and I want to believe in him and believe there is a heaven but I’m just confused and for now I think he’s not real. but I also do not wanna go to hell. ever since a couple days ago thinking about all of this I feel like I’m going to hell because I don’t believe in God and I think he’s totally fake. i don’t know if DMT works but I just wanna know if I ever took it in the future would I actually see heaven or hell?

        1. If, when you pass, you have no beliefs then I’m inclined to believe that you’ll probably see it as it really is, without having to go through the remembering process.

  33. I am so glad I found you. I have been pondering the idea of trying to find and experience dmt, but I am afraid of possibly having a bad experience/”trip”. I am so very interested in finding more info. and knowledge about dmt and what it can show me, but at the same time, afraid like I mentioned. For most of my life,I have been sad and or angry, for no specific reasons besides just disappointment in myself for not being the person I want/ need to be. I am 41 years old now and have a two year old son. my only reason for living now is to make sure my boy knows love and joy rather than what I have known. My interests in dmt consist now of gaining knowledge of how to be a better father for those reasons. Do you think I should start making a serious effort to find dmt, or do you think my fear would cause me to have a negative experience? I hate to think that I might miss out on a truly life changing event simply because my cowardice stopped me. That is not how I want my son tosee me. Please let me know your thoughts. And thank you for sharing your experience. I feel it has brought me closer to making my own decisions on this subject.

    1. DMT is indeed the most powerful and life changing thing you could take. It rips apart everything you thought to be true and makes you realise you know nothing. What it doesn’t do well is guide you on what you need to do to become a better person. DMT can give you the answers to the biggest questions but doesn’t show you how incorporate that into your life. You already need to be in a good place so the answers simply let you know everything is okay.

      Ayahuasca ( ) on the other hand, is a much more gentle, kind and self-reflecting way of examining yourself and getting the answers you said you needed in your comment. I would say to you stay away from DMT until you’re truly ready but Ayahuasca sounds exactly like the thing you are looking for. Look for some videos about people taking Ayahuasca and it should reflect back to you what you’re looking for.

    2. Hi Jeremy, I just read your post and I felt a strong urge to write you brother because the way you described your life is EXACTLY the same as mine. Never feeling real joy, always angry and feeling disappointed in myself. I’m also in my early 40’s and have a kid (14 yr old daughter) that I too live for, in that I don’t want her life to be consumed with negative emotions like mine at present. I too am deeply curious about DMT, but scared to death I might have a bad trip from it. I experimented a lot with LSD and mushrooms when I was a teen; most of which were amazing, good trips. But the last time I took acid and mushrooms, both times I had terrifying bad trips. Therefore being in the same shoes as you, so to speak, I’m probably not in a position to advise you on what to do. I do think, however, that if you were to do it, just don’t fight it and completely surrender. Say a prayer before taking it inviting positive love energy to guide and protect you. And of course have someone sober to watch over you during your trip. If you ever get the chance to do DMT, I hope the solution to your problems get resolved, and peace and joy enters your heart once more.

  34. Your site is interesting, and I’m certainly not here to claim hokum. . .

    However, what’s the difference between man and animal. For example, why would a crocodile be denied fulfillment as a human being? Same goes for a snail, ant or bee, etc.

    And how to explain somebody like Hitler? Does HE keep getting chances until he figures things out?

    Your claim–that DMT creates a level playing field and profound yet unexplained answers for “everything”–is pretty neat. But if something truly did govern the universe, and was able to offer all of the answers, I simply can’t see how it would allow the Earth, a cesspool of greed and hypocrisy, to prevail. And pain! How to explain pain in the world?

    Finally, while it’s true the body does create minute amounts of DMT, it’s illegal simply because it’s DANGEROUS.

    1. My answers to these questions would take up far too much space for a comment. Would you mind if I emailed you or made a blog post to answer them?

      1. The links were posted quite a while ago and they contained amazing info so I’m surprised they lasted this long. I’ll try to see if I can find another link for you.

  35. u mean i must stop and not continue this journey ?
    the thing that got bright in my mind is self-analysis … not god and afterlife… i toll allof them to say there are and were people who found the way …the reason way theyre living…cuz there is a relation between afterlife,god-analysis,self-analysis,spirit and sucsess…
    because still there are people those who find and learn the way of sorcery , soothsaying , doing acupuncture or that law which says every thing u think about u attract it ( in my opinion “the Secret book” is just something incomplete and its the surface of attracting but the truth of attracting is somthing true and further that)…etc.
    these are something beyond the simple life … and i need a clue to know how they got learned these…

    1. No I didn’t mean you should stop your journey 🙂

      You learn by not accepting what others say and seek out the information yourself to find what is real or not.

      I’ve been alive for 40+ years and it is only recently that I found the answers I needed for my experience on this planet. That isn’t to say what I discovered is the truth, it is only a truth for me because I was the one who researched it and then observed it.

  36. hi simon … idont know u but ive got lots of thing to tell u maybe u can help me …
    id never ever taken any dmt trip… but ive watched lots of drug videos and documantries …read lots of experiements etc.
    my Big and first question is WHAT is life !? what are we ? whats the spirit in fact ?!
    i know that something exists there that i cant reach and find out…
    i live in a islamic country but id never ever belived in god and never pray him and i never believed Qoran( holy book in islam)
    but every thing in Qoran and other books seems like true… i thing there is a relation between afterlife and these kind of drugs…
    when i do drugs…for exp:weed ,my mind starts reasoning…things come into my mind that never comes before and i always think in a diffrent way( I REALY FEEL IT ) … some neuroscientist says thats some thing affect the neurons and its has bad effects in long time …but its a lie ! i researched lot and now i say why its a lie… nowadays every one know that einstein was not suddenly thing , theryre working on his neurons and found that all his neurons are in a pyramid module (there isnt enough time to speak about that but in short it was something special not happened by sudden…he was thinking…he found the true way of thinking…he knew that how must he teach his mind…all of us can do it….cuz every type of module that our mind has,make diffrent type of thinking and finding way to goals…) i mean the drug doesnt have bad affects on neurons…i dont know it changes the modules of them or make more neurons to work ( as u know neuroscientist says all our minds just use 1percent of its neurons !!! )
    there is a lot of example like einstein in our world…that their way of life changes suddenly and nobody understand them…
    lots of heretic and people who left this simple life and looks strang and everyone thinks theyre idiots that dont fight to gain anything in world and dont enjoy like others… u know what i mean ?!! ive seen lots of them…
    why do they do that ?! what are they reached to really?!!
    id never be superstitous but after i saw lots of documantris and read lots of true stories i bleive in thaumaturgy somehow (not completely yet 😀 )
    but magic,sudden changes and success in life,these holy books speaking about afterlife ,these lots of stories …they cant be bullshit !
    what are we ? we are a spirit in body ? Qoran says that when we die we goes to hell or heaven and thats the afterlife… we will live again ?!
    there is a theory that says we all die and born again and just we dont remember who we were before … is it right ?!! we allways will live and seek for the truth ?!! (i think its a bad joke…were are not toys that someone obove us playing with them…)

    1. You said…
      “i live in a Islamic country but id never ever believed in god and never pray him and i never believed Qoran( holy book in islam) but every thing in Qoran and other books seems like true… i thing there is a relation between afterlife and these kind of drug”.


      There is also a relationship between religions. If you strip away the teachings of the religions then at the core of nearly every single religion in the World, past and present, is some type of belief in the afterlife. Shouldn’t that tell us something?

      Humans can see 0.05% of the visible spectrum. All the stars, planets and galaxies still only make up 4% on the universe. There is a lot we don’t see or understand when you reflect on those numbers. Nothing in the universe is wasted, everything and ‘nothing’ (as we call it) is always doing something. If Quantum physicists took DMT they would have many of the answers they seek because they will see how it works in super clarity.

      Who we are and why we are here is almost impossible to answer because there are too many connotations protecting those answers. The ego is a powerful tool that guards you and guides you away from many things. Many people live in the past or worry about the future. People who’ve had a hard life cannot believe they would ever agree to it but could you experience all aspects of life if every life was perfect? Could we have, at one point in our history, already gone through living the perfect lives and found it rather boring after a while?

      For the answers to be believed they have to be seen. You need to experience witnessing impossibility after impossibility, to witness your mind giving up trying to rationalise what it’s seeing and for it stop trying as the experiences ignore your mind and continue to flood you anyway. You stop trying and simply observe what they/you want to show you.

    2. Hi Roozbeh, please forgive me for being intrusive, but I just wanted to leave a comment based on what you said in your post. You are definitely heading in the right direction in your spiritual journey by renouncing Islam. It’s not my intention to insult anyone or incite anger (this is just my opinion), but out of all the religions in the world, the faith most corrupted by men and then used for ill-gotten purposes is Islam…and I could write a 10 page essay underlining all the reasons, but I won’t here. If the msg of love does not permeate first and foremost when practising a particular faith, then it is not of God. The root problem in conventional Islam is simply the Muslim perception and concept of God is wrong. It is primitive, and full of man-made constructs making it downright evil.
      Helena Blavatsky, a famous theoretician in the late 1800’s claimed “that all religions were both true in their inner teachings and false or imperfect in their external conventional manifestations. Imperfect men attempting to translate the divine knowledge had corrupted it in the translation for their own personal agendas.” With millions of ardent followers world wide, praying Islam away will never happen, so I hope that maybe someday Islam will have some sort of reformed renaissance. I just wanted to say Roozbeh that it’s a good thing you opened your eyes to that and I wish you all the best in your spiritual journey.

  37. Hi Denzel. One day after 45 years of total confusion of life and wondering whats it all worth was i shown a porthole and entered. The next 2 years i gained more knowledge than i thought possible. I was 47 when i found out about DMT and then for the next 2 years i researched everything i could about to ready myself for that day as well as tons more knowledge. Then just as i felt i was ready it found me. I waited 50 years to find out my purpose. What im saying is it was worth the wait and as Simon said if your not ready you would of lost what it was meant to be about. Like the saying goes ; good things come to those who wait.

  38. Do you think there is a way to miss out. Dmt has came to me i didnt breakthrough because there wasn’t enough. Maybe because i wasn’t really ready or did i miss out when i was ready? If i have another chance which im sure eventually i will do you think its to late? I am sure ready now

    1. It’s never too late. I had a dozen attempts before I finally broke-through. So much changed in my life between the first attempt and the final breakthrough that I did wonder if I was being held back.

      Everything makes sense to me now, even though I understand so little of what I saw. If I had taken it earlier it would have ruined everything!

      1. ^ completely agree. I didn’t truly understand the meanings and best methods until I had enough opportunities to experience it. It’s like any job or career… the first day can be fun and interesting but one will not truly understand the inner-workings of the company and how his position fits into that whole industry. I am definitely grateful for having been presented with an abundance of opportunities.

      2. Hi. I once asked you how old were you. I never received any kind of answer, nor did my question appear. Now, please, I don’t know if this site is abandoned or you just dismissed my question for whatever reason. I have a very difficult life, I am 57 and I know well what my goals are, but they aren’t just the kind you complete and that’s it: completion can only be the result of a very hard inner struggle and for a very long time. Can we discuss this in private?

  39. Hi Simon A few years ago i heard about DMT and studied up a fair bit about it and after said to myself when i am ready it will find me and a couple of years on it did just like you said. I did what i thought was enough times and that was fine. Then i stumbled across the late great Alexander”Sasha” Shulgin’s work. Sasha created a few good tools for knowledge the best one (for me anyway) was 2C-B . I found 2C-B a lot better learning tool than DMT. Just wanted to say that’s all.

  40. Hello Simon and all,
    I have never taken DMT but suffice it to say I know what you are all speaking about. I feel it, a kind of knowing. It is as though you’ve taken the red pill and joined ranks with Morpheus in exposing the Matrix. We conduct our silly wars and the oppression of others, hurt animals and the very place we call home. But you all seem to comprehend it. Yes, there is a supreme being and call it what you want. God is not what I have believed in a religious sense. If you are able, I would like to know what any of you came back with regarding why we have religion as it works more to keep us apart, keep us from loving each other. Perhaps DMT will come to me in time….we shall see.
    Thank you for your amazing stories. In reading Simon’s tale of his own personal DMT experience, it made me wonder why the leaders of our world have not tapped into this “Tree of Knowledge”…but then perhaps that is why, the scales would fall from their eyes and they would understand a truth about life…then the game of politics would be over rendering them inept to do a job they believed they could.
    Blessings and Light to all.

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Religion was something humanity created (but based on some truths). We are told to sacrifice in this life for a better afterlife but there is no need to sacrifice anything in this life, just simply experience what you create and what is created.

      I personally feel that there must be at least a few in power who know the power of DMT. How else can they ban a chemical our own bodies produce each night?

      As for the knowledge… well that’s tricky. I remember everything I asked and I remember getting answers to all my questions. As an example I can clearly see and remember the answer to where do we go when we die but there are no words to describe it. I remember asking how does it all work. I know it was answered and I remember being shown how it works but I can’t now visualise the ‘how’ because it was so far outside of anything I could imagine or comprehend with a mind. I clearly see the hard answers slipping away as I came back and being told not to worry, it had to be that way because the mind was not able to retain it. I guess a way of explaining it would be like trying to fit a gigabyte of information (the answer) on a 1mb floppy disk (our brain). There is only so much a brain can hold and what you’re shown sits far outside of a brains capacity.

      I still remember the questions were answered and I can still clearly see visuals to some of the answers so I no longer fear death or have any fears in life. Now I just enjoy and make the most of the experience I’m in.

      I hope you find all your answers!

    1. It is very, very difficult to find. I could not find it myself but within minutes of knowing I was ready for it, as if by magic, the source appeared online. The vast majority of people who say they have tried it will say the same thing, i.e. it appeared at exactly the right moment for them.

      1. That’s because DMT is a permission slip, not a random thing. It’s one of these things that you put in place as a conditional IF when you plan your life before coming here. This is why it only arrives at the right moment and not before.

        1. I could not agree more! Too much to say here but I found the doorway when I was 20. I lost 10 years of memory after that but I know DMT was the key to get it back when I was ready. My body-mind would not have given up that knowledge without a fight so that condition was put in place so I wouldn’t fight losing what was discovered.

  41. How can we figure out what our life’s “goal” is? Is there something specific we should be doing to figure it out? And is our goal always something super serious or amazing (curing cancer, stopping hunger etc.) or can it be something more personal like overcoming a character flaw? Thank you , and im really enjoying your website! Wonderful information!

    1. I believe that for many it will be a character flaw. It could be patience, compassion, empathy or more serious like beating depression, coping with illness and so on. If you ever think to yourself “Why does my life keep doing this?” I would say that is the goal presenting itself to you.

      I also believe that once you have succeeded in the goal and you really want the answers, they will present themselves to you.

  42. i had an out of body exp , would like to discuss, was amazing i do t do drugs,,,,,, so amazed by my exp ???

  43. its a higher state of being…….to learn from you bloody amazing , glad i went there, was sooo scary n whooo the most spiritual being… i never believed befofore in god, now i know there is a higher realm of spiritualty

  44. mannn i read ths, im 45 my son left dmt in his room, ….. i needed answers.. i relaxed, meditated… my life will never be the same… for the better . i really need to talkxx about my experience .. my life is better now I saw it all , knowledge is beautiful……………..lins anne mac at g mail . com …..pls e mail me, i was spoken to ……..bliss xx

  45. You said (and I have heard it before) that we are everything nothing in life is different and all is one…I believe that but my question is that if we are all one and we are everything does that mean that you are me and or I am you? Is there a you or are you just me? Are there other spirits in the afterlife or is it just you? I’m sorry if my question is confusing I couldn’t really explain what I mean any other way

    1. It is understandable to be confused by this. The best way I can think to explain it is by using the ocean as an example; you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop. In an ocean wave each droplet of water doesn’t work separately from each other but they each work in unison to form the wave, each droplet playing its part in the whole.

      It didn’t matter there if you were a new soul or an old one. There was no hierarchy. Everything has equal value just as it should do on earth. It has equal value because each is playing its part in the whole, like the droplet in an ocean.

      I hope that helps but feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this further.

  46. I took this in capsule form after googling the ayahuasca capsule form vid on youtube. Four hours of similar exp to you. I went to the palace villa game last weekend following the experience and could only keep thnking of last nights event’s

    it is absolutely amazing stuff isnt it? I simply asked…after seeing an hr of stunning neon…show me where my parents are’

    God did it!

    1. It’s been more than a year since the experience I shared in this post and I still can’t stop thinking about it 🙂 It’s a shame our brains cannot comprehend much of what is seen but at least you can understand enough to no longer fear death as the end of your life.

  47. Truly beautiful and inporational post.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I am only 19 but I strive to seek knowledge of life.

    1. If I had taken it too early in life it would have ruined everything for me. I had a main goal and a side-goal in this life. The main goal has been completed and the side goal is drawing to a close.

      The journey is more important than the answers. Only through the journey do the answers make sense.

      I hope you find what you’re looking for Denzel!

    1. When you are truly ready it finds you… at least that has been the case for everyone I know who has taken DMT (including myself).

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