The Power of DMT and my experience of the afterlife


I am not a drug taker (nor drinker for that matter). I had heard of DMT but it wasn’t until I was ready did DMT find me. I only took it a handful of times and this experience I am sharing here with you was the final one, the one that gave me the answers. After this experience my life changed completely, my questions had answers and I no longer needed DMT…

My final experience was reality shattering, ego destroying and fear eliminating. What you may witness if you break through is a peak into the after-life. If you hit the jackpot and push all the way through, you might not only see the after-life but may also understand the how and whys (including where do we come from and why we are here).

That sounds hard to believe I know. Governments have known about DMT for decades and have banned it because they know what it shows you. Answer me this; how can a chemical that we ALL produce each and every night be illegal? The problem they face with DMT is that it is life changing.

Once you’ve broken through and come back you see the World for what is truly is and your role within it. No longer are there any controls, fears, labels, separation. You are free from the Matrix Neo because you saw what is behind it and it ain’t no metal machine!

A person, devoid of the DMT experience, will never understand the sheer scale of what has been witnessed by the person taking it. It is easy to postulate that what was witnessed was what the mind created. I know it is impossible for any mind, on any type of level, to create what is shown. It is a non-human reality where my own mind was just a bystander, an observer, to layers and layers of simultaneous impossibilities all interwoven to create the fabric of existence on many different levels and dimensions at the same time.

The problem for the person taking DMT is that there are no words in any language to accurately describe much of what was seen.

How do I know it isn’t just a psychedelic drug?

Even on a good experience you’ll be lucky to bring back 5-10% of what you saw. This is because our matter-based reality is too condensed (squashed) to be able to understand the complexity of creation. Up there it is incredibly easy to understand everything and you get all the answers. You’ll come back remembering the emotions of having these big questions answered, you may even see the answers still in your mind, but there is simply no way of conveying most of them.

The other difference with DMT is that you are in complete control of your faculties the whole way through. At no stage do you feel you are “tripping”. You are fully awake and aware that you’ve just been hurled through our spec of reality into the immense “place” behind this reality. You move into a World outside of time and outside of any boundaries your mind can deal with or create.

How do you describe the indescribable? How do you explain the impossible? The experience-teller is so limited by words that often what was seen cannot be said. With DMT it is the world that is replaced, instantly, it’s all gone! Reality is completely swapped out for something else vastly greater. It doesn’t even retain organic matter, three dimensional space or linear time as reference points.

I have seen what many would describe as an angel (see my experience below) but the moment I say that the person who hasn’t seen what I saw conjures up images of winged humans. That is infinitely understating what “it” is. This “angel” is not solid, the outline can barely be seen. Her brightness, yet super-sharp clarity, cannot ever be justly described. Her touch made every single last atom in my body below and my soul up there explode in the most intense joy and happiness.

The light-energy (or energy-light) surrounding us changed when my soul realised who it was and she smiled. On this final DMT journey I was taken to where they/we come from, our life-between-life. Again, there are no words to describe what this place is because it sits outside of words. It is the energy of everything that creates it, the higher level feelings that control it. Simply describing it isn’t enough because you need to also experience the energy, emotion and harmony to fully understand how it works.

No longer does fear play a part in your life. Controls? gone. Ego? Gone. It is life-changing, non-describable and the most intense experience you will ever have on this planet.


DMT is NOT a play drug, it should not be used if you just fancy something different. If you think you are strong enough to handle an experience that could (and probably will) completely change your life then, and only then, would I advise it. If you are not ready you may experience a bad trip. My advice is to let DMT find you because it will once you’re truly ready.

The clarity is something so incredible that I have not seen any image of a DMT experience being close to what you see once broken through. The reason is it cannot be drawn. I have however found just one image that maybe give you a tiny idea of the scale of clarity.

This is an image of a sunflower as we see it and a sunflower as you may see it on DMT (click to enlarge)…


Click to enlarge image

What I’m trying to show is that what you see isn’t “Oh whoa man, that’s trippy” but more like “how the hell can everything have a clarity so far beyond what we can see!”. The picture isn’t an exact visual but it’s heading in the right direction.

Is it dangerous?

Only if you fear death by astonishment (thank you Terence Mckenna!) You don’t change but the World is instantly replaced, it dissolves this boundary and pushes you through to a place of few words. You don’t expect to be greeted by a being who tells you how vitally important it is that you are there and not to give in to astonishment. You don’t expect to have the most difficult asked questions answered. The questions are not only answered but completely understood.

The problem is our language doesn’t have the capability to put into words what the afterlife is. You can see the answers, feel the answers but you can’t come back and DESCRIBE the answers well enough to do them justice.

My DMT Experience on 15th January 2013

On this occasion I took a big hit because I wanted to push through the veil we are trapped in to discover what is on the other side.

Initially, I saw the usual geometric shapes but this time I felt a much greater pull as my soul pushed hard to leave my bodysuit. There was so much pressure against my body it felt like I could hardly breathe but as I lifted out everything changed!

All emotion had gone except for peace. Everything that seemed to matter in life now felt meaningless and laughable. I felt as if I had woken from a dream. I had moved from this tiny little slither of reality and went back home to the full expanse of our true reality.

How difficult it is to describe that we are the universe observing itself, how difficult for many to believe that we are all connected, we are all one with all things. We are each an infinite flow of energy that can slow down its pulse or vibration enough to experience the universe through ourselves via these body-suits.

I felt my soul leave my body, lifting upwards towards the geometric shapes in front of me. As I was almost on top of them a sort of gateway opened up and these geometric shapes seeped through into the next dimension, our home. It was truly the most incredible thing I have ever seen!

The meeting of the entity

The first thing I noticed was that time had stopped. I immediately became aware that I was now in a place where time and distance no longer had any meaning.

Emotionally all I could feel was a kind of love and peace but more advanced, more powerful. There were no negative emotions here. It was like being inside a blanket of calm.

I was now in the same location but in the afterlife. This one was pure energy and frequency, all things connected to each other in a way I cannot put into words. Visually I could see, and not see, the connections both at the same time which I know makes no sense at all.

I was still trapped in the geometric grid as it followed me through and I saw a transparent, blue glowing hand reach down in front of me. I looked up and saw the most beautiful, incredible entity. My soul and body below literally and did weep as this being smiled at me. This being was so bright and translucent that I could barely make out any features.

I could see through this being and yet her glow was magnificent! Her touch made every atom inside me come alive, both soul and my body suit below. It was as if my entire existence was dancing with joy and love that smothered everything.

My soul instantly knew that I had been connected to this being for aeons, she was the one who stayed there for each of my lives to assist me when needed. My Brain couldn’t understand how this could be so but my soul was dancing with immense joy to see her again.

She took my hand and guided me up. The geometric shapes restricting me fell behind but I still had some kind of barrier, resembling a coral, in front of me. I asked what was this for and I was told that I was always welcome here but for their and my true-self’s safety I was to be an observer and I wasn’t allowed too near, or to access the places I use between lives.

I could see other beings just like her but further away moving about in this place. It was light but in a way that is hard to explain. The energy/emotion of everything created the light. There was no real distance and it felt like I could be in all places in all times.

Still holding her hand she led me to near where they/we come from. Inside this energy building (the word ‘building’ does it no justice at all, there are no words to accurately describe it!) I could feel ‘my’ presence. I am a fragment of this whole, experiencing a matter-based existence through myself. I no longer felt alone in this place, I was this place, a part of the whole.

The solid of our existence is the illusion but one which we created. It is not possible for our matter-based brains to comprehend this place when we are living in our bodies. In our real home, all the answers are found. All questions become clear because we already knew them, I just needed to remember that I knew them.

When I say answers it wasn’t one after the other. It was thousands of answers all at the same time flowing through my soul. My brain could not keep up with even a tiny fraction but my soul was absorbing it all, glowing with joy as the energy of the answers flowed through it.

I knew where we come from,  I understood how it works, why we don’t remember, what happens before we are born and what happens after we die. I was looking at the energy force I knew so well because this was where it all happens and where I’ve come and gone many, many times.

As questions came into my head they were answered before I finished the question. Everything was SO clear and easy to understand. I was laughing at myself because my brain was trying to rationalise the impossible so in the end it gave up and just went from astonishment to amazement as the answers flew through my soul.

I started moving away from this place and my very old friend released me and smiled the warmest of smiles because we both knew it was time to go back. The way back was slow and in my mind I was desperate to retain the knowledge I had discovered. She already knew what I was thinking before I finished thinking it and told me it was not possible to bring back with me what I found there because everything has  to be condensed (squashed?) down so much that it is not possible to retain it on matter-based dimensions. My soul can, my brain can’t. She also pointed out that I already knew and I would know again. “Just enjoy the show you created for yourself, no harm can ever come to you. Your mind will remember the feelings and emotions you had as the answers came to you.” she said warmly.


I didn’t find DMT, it found me when I was ready. The few people I have spoken to about it said exactly the same thing. It is absolutely not a play-thing for your mind. It rips apart the very foundations of beliefs and can… no, probably will, change every aspect of your life.

Final thought..

Life on earth has changed for me completely. I care much more about living things. None of the troubles in this life amount to anything. When we are reborn we bring with us some of the emotion and experiences of other lives but they are locked in the soul and hidden from the consciousness mind. This “data” isn’t in the mind, it’s in atoms spread across time and space. Everything is connected and so is the data.

Some more for you to ponder…

We join these bodies during pregnancy at around the 3 month mark but during the pregnancy and for several months after birth we tend to leave the body quite often.

We are here and there at the same time. I call this a soul fragment. My soul in this body is simply a piece of the whole. The remainder on the other side cannot participate in much else because it is focused on what’s happening here.

Seventy years may be a long time here but there it ends almost as quickly as it starts.

We do choose our parents to some extent… we each have a goal we need to reach when we come into this life. We base the decision of the parents on which parents would help us towards that “goal”. There could be a couple of options for parents or several. We tend to choose the ones that would help us with the “goal” rather than the ones who may be the best parents to raise you.

Whatever this goal is your life will keep steering you towards it until you have either accomplished it or you pass away before you could achieve it. If your life is forever taken down the same path then there is a high likelihood that something on this repeating path is the one you need to learn.

There is no hell or damnation if you commit suicide but you will come back and repeat the same experience again and again, life after life until you reach your goal. This will be through choice and not force. You cannot progress if you don’t reach your goal so you will want to keep going at it until you succeed.

Humanity tends to think that being rich or successful are the things to strive for but it is those who reach their goals that have the real success because whatever hardship was faced in this life won’t need to be faced again.

We think of suffering as a bad thing but these seventy or so years in this body is just a heartbeat of time in the grand scheme of things. The body may suffer but your soul is simply experiencing it and cannot be harmed.

There could be one to five people in your life who have been connected to you many times before. It appears to me that there may be a small core group who can come in together to help each other, planned before we enter this World again. Personally I have discovered two in my life that are in this category.

At the moment of death there will be no fear and no doubt. You will start to wake up from this dream hidden from humanity…

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What is DMT?

N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT or N,N-DMT) is an endogenous neurotransmitter, meaning that the human body already produces it. DMT is a serotonin agonist; an agonist means it interchangeably binds to the same 5-HT neural receptors as serotonin, the mood-regulating neurotransmitter.

Depending on the dose and method of administration, its subjective effects can range from short-lived milder psychedelic states to reality shattering, unimaginable visuals that can include entities and/or the most powerful spiritual experiences you can dream of.


My life has been filled with synchronicity since my teenage years. I have always wanted answers to the toughest questions and it has only been in the last few years that the answers I sought have been answered.

150 thoughts on “The Power of DMT and my experience of the afterlife

  1. Thank you for sharing this Simon, a well written account. I very much enjoyed reading, especially your spiritual musings towards the end about how we choose our parents to reach our ‘goal’ in life. Very interesting.It also interested me very much in how much the experience changed you and your life, as I myself have been unsure about the transformation potential of this substance. I would be very interested to know how much of the change has persisted, now it is many years later? I see that you had the experience in 2013, and published this post over a year later in 2014. It’s now many years later, so I’m curious, are the insights as fresh and clear now as they were then? Are you still able to somehow maintain or see with the perspective you had after the experience?

    My most powerful DMT experience to date was around 2013/2014, though I came out with more questions than answers. If you are interested you can read my account and thoughts on it here
    I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.
    Thanks again and best wishes

    1. I wish we could meet so we could smile and laugh at the experience together. Your account is very good and well written, I can entirely relate to it. Trying to describe the impossible is not easy.

      I’ve never mentioned the city in my post because it is impossible to describe what that meant. I knew people would start trying to imagine it… which then negates the experience I’m trying to convey, so I simply didn’t say anything. Again, I need to be careful but did you get the feeling/experience that you were already there and were somehow an observer of yourself?

      Even today, the experience is with me and my attitude, outlook and experiences are all tied into it. Synchronicity now plays a very large part of my life. It will always be profound, always be something that eliminated all fear and will always be something I am grateful to have found. After all these years, I still have no desire or need to do it again. I found my answers. I am content and at peace.

      Also after all these years, I have rarely spoken of it to people I know. I recalled my experience to my Dad as he was dying, it did give him some peace. I have spoken to just three other people in all these years, but it was in a ‘vague, self-explore if you want to’ kind of way. I feel this is something people will seek for themselves if they are on that path.

      1. Haha, the experience is quite unbelievable, though admittedly memory of mine has slipped away a lot.

        Thanks for your kind words. The city is such a strange phenomenon and yes totally impossible to describe, but gratifying that you know what I mean. I can’t say I had the feeling that I was already there exactly, but the feeling of being observed and an observer simultaneously does seem kinda fitting.

        That is quite amazing that the experience is with you and how everything else is tied in. Do you have any insight in to how you managed to ‘hold’ so much of it, or carry away so much from it? Many people find it incredibly difficult to recall, let alone integrate an experience and take value from it into their post DMT lives, so I’m very interested in how you managed that. Did it happen naturally? Did you have any particular ‘integration’ practices? Were there any specific things which helped and/or do still help to remember or reconnect to the experience?

        I find it quite amazing that you still have no desire to do it again. That is something that I can’t say myself, and indeed reading your reply actually makes me want to go back. I have to say that I still have unanswered questions from my trip, and still very curious about the substance and the experiential space it took me too.

        Very interesting how few people you have shared with, and has me thinking that perhaps could be a reason that your experience has retained so much of its magic. Hmmm

        1. I feel like I held on to just a few percent of what I observed while there. I can still see some things I observed but I have no words I can use to describe it for the words do not exist. For much of the observations where the words do exist, those words have so many connotations that the ability to be able to accurately portray that observation is lost.

          I went there with a specific purpose and I came back with enough to either see the answer or know the answers were observed. I feel that as the information is leaving you, you have the ability to hold on to the parts that will help or guide you the most. As I was returning, I focused on my purpose and much of that remained with me as my eyes opened. The few percent I do recall was my reason for being there. Perhaps going there with a specific goal can help you bring some or all of that goal back with you?

          This is something that I’ve never seen anyone talk about, i.e., the way the information leaves you as you return back. That experience in itself was quite an experience.

  2. Simon,

    I think parts of your experience description are quite beautifully stated, but (not meant antagonstically) I also see contradictions or statements in it that just don’t make sense to me at all, especially with respect to the experiencing of suffering and forgetfulness. I’m afraid I agree with another commenter who remarked “what’s the point.” So to be specific, you said, for example:

    If you were to enter a boxing ring, to fight against another but… You were wrapped in cotton wool, every part of your body was protected against any type of blow… and your opponent could only hit you with bubbles… would you experience the true feelings of the fight? Would you feel fear, strength, rage, pain? Would you believe you were ever in danger of losing or being in trouble? No, the experience would be so watered down that you wouldn’t gain anything from it.

    But I wouldn’t want to enter a boxing ring. Indeed, even after deep though, I can think of no reason at all why I would ever want to do such a thing if a world of happiness and joy was possible. This is my core problem with your whole case. Why would I want to feel fear, rage, and pain? Again, I can think of no sensible reason in a world where genuine joy is possible? Stretch myself? Why would I want to “stretch myself” if I was a joyous, liberated being? Why on earth (or off it) would I want to enter into dark, sour, constricted experiences for any reason whatsoever. Again, makes no sense to me at all. I have no attraction to suffering in any way, shape or form. And I think that deifying suffering in any way (although it is often done in spiritual discussions) is harmful thinking.

    “If you knew, with every fibre of your body, that nothing could ever hurt you. If you knew life after life what happened when you died, how could you truly experience life to the fullest? We used to know what happened when we died, I feel we just reached the point where we needed to push ourselves further. Knowing the answers prevented it.”

    Why do things need to be able to hurt me in order for life to be lived “to the fullest”? You also said, wouldn’t a perfect life get boring there? I wo